Doctor Who “The Curse Of Peladon Part 2”

Well, that was a nice twist on the Ice Warrior concept…

So, yeah, after a statue of Aggedor almost falls on the Doctor and members of the Galactic Federation delegation (basically a head in a mobile tank, a giant penis, and two Ice Warriors), there seems to be something of a murder mystery in an old castle in the middle of a rainstorm.  Jo managed to find some equipment that could have knocked over the statue, and while High Priest Hepesh is a real snickerdoodle who is almost certainly responsible for everything that is happening and doesn’t want the planet Peladon to join the Federation, King Peladon is actually interested in, I dunno, taking his planet out of some kind of superstitious dark age and he wants all the delegates all to stay.

He also likes Jo since he doesn’t really have a friend his own age.

But once Jo and the Doctor get back to their room, the two put their heads together to look at the suspects.  The head in the tank soon finds his suit sabotaged, and only the Doctor’s quick-thinking gets him back online.  The talking penis isn’t the type.  But Ice Warriors, those guys are strong enough.  Jo decides to look into them while the Doctor is…tricked by a mute guard and taken to some underground tunnels where he spends most of the rest of the episode dodging the Aggedor underground until he finally gets out.

But Jo?  She gets caught by the assistant Ice Warrior, escapes, climbs over a ledge in the rain, and then gets caught again.  And, well, the Ice Warriors are a bit perplexed.  See, this is the future.  And their race gave up violence.  Yeah, the bigger one has a gun, but it’s for self-defense.  They’re as confused as everyone else what seems to be happening because no one really looked that hard at Hepesh.  Heck, they even let on that the head guy wasn’t even in real danger because no one had trashed his critical systems.

So, what happens?  Well, the Doctor stumbles out of the tunnels only to be arrested for disturbing holy ground,  And yes, it was Hepesh who arrested him since the high priest thinks the Doctor is the most dangerous to his own plans.

Oh, and there’s a death sentence for defacing the sacred tunnels.  Bummer.

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