Doctor Who “The Curse Of Peladon Part 1”

There’s a young king of an alien world in this serial played by David Troughton, son of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton.

Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Our story begins on an alien world, where a young king is overseeing an argument between two older men, a chancellor type and a high priest type.  There’s talk of joining a Galactic Federation.  The chancellor type is fer it, and the high priest is agin it.  The high priest warns about the curse of something called an Aggedor, and the chancellor walks off in a huff.  He’s then killed by a big thing in the shadows, and the other guy who saw it said it looked like the Aggedor.  That’s on all the royal crests and everything.

Well, King Peladon still needs to make a decision, so he opts to wait for the various members of the Galactic Federation to show up, especially the still-absent Earth delegation.

And that would be when the TARDIS appears outside the palace with Jo and the Doctor onboard.  Were they trying to go somewhere?  Not this time.  Jo seems to have a date with Captain Yates.  She’s a bit dressed up, but when the two go outside, they find themselves on a stormy cliffside, and then the TARDIS falls off the cliff.  Since there’s a palace above them, they’ll need to climb even if Jo isn’t dressed for it.  The TARDIS is indestructible, so they won’t have to worry about much aside from how the hell they got there in the first place.  Fortunately, Jo finds a tunnel inside, one that takes them past some images of the Aggedor, and when they get out to the main corridor, past a recently lit torch so someone had been down there recently, the Doctor spots some Ice Warriors, here part of the Galactic Federation, but then they get captured by the locals and taken to see the king where the Doctor explains they’re the Earth delegation.  And since he’s told only women of royal blood are allowed in that room, he introduces Jo as the neutral “Princess Josephine of TARDIS.”

That’s kinda smooth.

So, it looks like the Doctor is in.  And the Aggedor is lurking about.  It kinda looks like someone stuck fangs and claws on ALF, only he’s much taller.

We’ll have to see what his deal is.

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