Voltron: Legendary Defender “Return Of The Gladiator”

Well, Shiro’s unremembered past has some problems for the present.  I hate when that happens.

So, the good news is now that the Paladins know how to form Voltron, they can theoretically fight the forces of Zarkon.  That’s a good thing since the first of the various Robeasts Zarkon is sending their way is coming soon.  That would would be piloted or controlled or something by a gladiator that Shiro at one point totally humiliated in the ring in the days when Shiro was one of Zarkon’s many, many prisoners.  And since the Paladins rescued some other alien prisoners, well, that would mean maybe Pidge can find out where his…yeah, his…brother and father went.

Bad news there:  one alien knew Pidge’s brother, and knows Shiro attacked the boy when both were on the way to the gladiator pit.  Shiro doesn’t quite remember it, but it is known Shiro went into the pit and won the fight somehow.  Pidge is, naturally, upset that Shiro attacked his…yeah, let’s say his…brother, but…

Look, it comes out in the end when Shiro remembers what happened that all, Shiro did was knock Pidge’s brother over to prevent the smaller guy from getting killed in the arena, instead sending the lad off to the same prison camp his father was in because the boy was too injured to be a gladiator.  Why is that a shock?  Just looking at the animation before the secret comes out.  Pidge’s brother is freakin’ petrified.  Why else would Shiro just attack the guy other than to jump into the pit and save the lives of, oh, everybody being lined up to fight the gladiator that is currently a giant robot the pilot of said giant robot, or some other weird thing on his way to attack the planet and maybe steal Voltron.

Now, while all that is going on, Allura learns there were other people on the planet she was staying on, and these more, shall we say, primitive types actually worship her as the lion goddess…wait, does every world know what a lion is?…and that means there are innocents on this planet that need protecting when they aren’t doing apology dances or maybe a human (?) sacrifice by fire.

And so, when a giant robot monster that is not a guy in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet on his head shows up with some kind of orb weapon, it’s more than the individual lions can handle, and heck, it looks like it’s more than  Voltron can handle since the Paladins are still learning all of Voltron’s tricks that do not involve Lance trying to kick it.  That trick never works.

It does involve Keith learning from the Red Lion somehow that his personal Paladin weapon, when plugged into his dashboard, allows Voltron to draw a giant sword that easily cuts the Robeast in half, and Shiro’s general experience with the gladiator tells the others exactly when the right time to attack is.

So, that thing was toast.

Of note, two things happen at episode’s end.  One is Shiro tells Pidge why he attacked Pidge’s brother, during which he addresses her…yes, her…as “Katie,” but he’ll keep her gender a secret from the others for now for…reasons.

And the other is Zarkon already has an agent on the planet, Sendak, charged with capturing Voltron, and Sendak seems to have a plan already that involves the indigenous people of the planet…

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