Geek Review: The Intruder

Avengers: Endgame is a box office monstrosity that shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.  But there are other movie studios out there hoping to make a profit off their own movies, and other things do come out.

The point is, I went to see The Intruder.

Scott Howard (Michael Ealy) is a successful guy in the advertising game, and after landing a big deal for his San Francisco-based company, he decides to get his loving wife Annie (Meagan Good) that big house out in the Napa Valley she’s wanted for a long time.  The first place they go to has been on the market for a while, and the owner, Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) obviously loves the family house he calls “Foxglove” (and yes, he notes, that is the name of a poisonous plant), but with his wife dead and his children grown, he’s decided to sell.  Annie loves the house, and Scott, well, he doesn’t like the price tag too much at first, but then Charlie lowers the price and throws in all the furniture so Charlie will have less to move when he goes down to his daughter’s place in Florida.  As such, the Scotts make the buy and…Charlie doesn’t seem to leave.  He keeps coming around, and he seems to have a thing for Annie.  Now, Scott is a bit suspicious of Charlie almost from the beginning, but Annie sees the older, friendly man as just lonely and nice.  Of course, Charlie isn’t or else the trailers really lied to us and this isn’t that sort of movie.

So, this wasn’t a good movie.  Quaid’s Charlie is probably meant to be scary and intimidating, but the movie doesn’t even hide the fact he’s a bit unhinged in small cutaways, and Quaid’s crazy behaviors look more comical than scary.  There are no real surprises with that character which furthermore means that Ealy and Good are basically fulfilling this sort of movie’s expected stereotypes.  Scott’s methods for dealing with a man who keeps coming by and even referring to the house as his own are blatantly ineffective on multiple levels because they have to be and Good’s character comes across as dumb after a certain point in the movie as both Scott and Annie learn more and more about Charlie and she still keeps inviting him inside and having small dinners with him while Scott is working late in the city or whatever.  I suppose there could be some sort of city vs. country or racial dynamics involved in a movie like this, but if so, they aren’t handled in any particularly interesting or groundbreaking way.  The end result is The Intruder is dumb, predictable, and never shook the feeling that the same movie had been done many other times and much better many more times over.  6 out of 10 practiced uncanny valley smiles.

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