A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Penultimate Peril Part Two”

Well…we got some answers.

Look, there is a plot here, one where we might finally see adults that aren’t evil try to be a little competent and still fail miserably, where Olaf finally goes on trial, but it turns out there’s a lot of ridiculous stuff going on (obviously) involving identical twins and blindfolds, and given the way the season has actually introduced the concept of moral ambiguity and how people are not necessarily all good or all evil, we see the Baudelaires win over a crowd made up of survivors of previous encounters, but when Olaf takes the stand, he points out that the Baudelaires have actually broken a few laws along the way, and many of the people in the crowd, such as Mr. Poe, haven’t exactly been shining examples of humanity.

And Olaf ain’t wrong.

But when Esme and Carmelita aren’t pretending to poison the crowd by making them literally eat crow (I know this is a kid’s show, but that sure was childish), we get some answers.

What’s the schism?

Well, we don’t quite know that yet, only that the answer is in the Sugar Bowl.

Why does Esme want the Sugar Bowl?

Possibly because it used to be hers and it completes her set.

Who is Beatrice?

Beatrice, the woman Lemony Snicket has been pining over all this time, is the Baudealire’s mother.

And hey, it’s Morena Baccarin!

Why is Lemony on the run?

He took the fall for Beatrice when she accidentally killed a man with a poisoned dart intended for Esme.  Esme was going to throw one at Beatrice when Beatrice swiped the Sugar Bowl at the opera.  Beatrice was an opera singer.

She and Lemony were engaged.  He broke it off to go on the run.

Any other surprise couples?

Yeah…Olaf used to have a thing with Kit Snicket.  Jacques was just a cabbie and does not appear in this flashback.  Olaf used to love his jaunty mustache.

What got Lemony searching for the Baudelaires?

At the end of the trial, after Olaf took the three orphans out to sea to escape a fire he started (one the Baudelaires tried to warn everyone about but no one listens to them…ever), Justice Strauss lost all her evidence to the fire save a single photo of the Baudelaires.  Lemony returned to the Hotel too late to help them, so he took the photo and started his investigation to find the children of his lost love.

Why does Olaf hate the Baudelaire family so much?

That poison dart thing mentioned above?  Beatrice accidentally hit Olaf’s father with the dart and killed him.  He was the head of the V.F.D.  Olaf became an orphan himself that night and in the “present” wants revenge against the V.F.D. and the Man and Woman (who, it turned out, were the other two judges at Olaf’s trial and behind the Schism).

So, after a reprise of the song about not expecting a happy ending, where are we left?  We’re sorta back where we started when it was just Olaf and the Baudelaires, now out to sea in a small boat with a diving helmet full of a deadly fungus.

And only one episode remains.

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