Simpsons Did It!: “D’oh Canada”

Awkwafina returns for another guest voice on this episode with a throwaway character that didn’t sound like a regular voice actor on the show but also didn’t have much to do.  That’s the second comedic actor to do two minor cameos in two different episodes this season after Tracy Morgan.

I think they should stop doing that.

They may also want to stop going to Canada, but there are other problems.

Anyway, the story opens with Bart and Lisa asking to go to Mt. Splashmore only for Homer to point out they are already at Mt. Splashmore, but that water slide’s line is unbelievably long.  Then Homer’s phone buzzes.  He got…points?  He says points.  Marge knows what “points” means and the kids aren’t too happy since it means they have to leave Mt. Splashmore immediately because of points.

What are these points?  Well, they’re credit card points.  Homer’s general irresponsible uses of such things have managed to get the family an astronomical amount of reward points, giving them a free weekend at a 2nd Best Western hotel anywhere in the country so long as they leave immediately.  As such, they are off for the American side of Niagara Falls, including a drive through the somewhat depressing Upstate New York (cue song parody).

Say, I live in New York State.  Is it like Homer sang?  Um, I don’t know.  I live in another part of the state.

Moving on…

Anyway, the Simpsons get to the American side of the falls, and an accident involving some sort of beach ball wear sends Lisa flying into the air and into the water.  Now, the air in her plastic ball thingee is keeping her afloat, and somehow she bounces around a bit more than anything when she goes over the Falls and survives the trip.  She’s on the Canadian side, a mountie finds her, and she’s taken to a hospital where Canadian health care is a bit baffling to Homer, seeing as how in America, free health care would mean not giving huge subsidies and tax breaks to big corporations.

Yeah, this episode is full of political commentary about as subtle as that.

Case in point, Lisa’s general grousing about a certain unnamed American president ends up getting her political asylum in Canada.   And she likes it there.  The rest of the Simpsons are kicked out of the country because…well, because they’re the Simpsons.

Now, Marge won’t hear of this and decides to go get Lisa.  Lisa is loving Canada.  More socially progressive as a country, the people are polite, and you can Skype with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (actually voiced by a Canadian journalist named Lucas Meyer who’s known for having a great Trudeau impression), but don’t ask Trudeau about certain scandals if you want to keep him on the line.

Marge eventually gets back into Canada by hiding in the trunk of the Squeaky-Voiced Teen’s car when said teen was on a beer run.  Sure, Marge’s hair stuck out of the trunk, but the kids just said it was a car tail and a new social fad in the States, and that actually works.  Will Marge convince Lisa to return to America?

Yeah.  Easily.  Lisa goes to say goodbye to all the things she loves about America, which apparently includes the likes of Abe Lincoln, Dumbo (not the recent movie, I hope), Seabiscuit, Dizzy Gillespie, and guest star Judy Blume as herself.  Since there’s good stuff in America, Lisa decides to return.  Then all of Lisa’s fantasy friends decide to go to Canada for the wacky tobaccy except for Judy Blume.

Plus, Lisa learns Canada does some stuff she doesn’t like, like take oil from tar sands and have rude people since for every Martin Short, there’s no shortage of Shatners.  And then there’s the people of Newfoundland, represented in this episode by a Canadian Ralph Wiggum.

So, how can Marge and Lisa get back?  That’s tricky because it turns out the America changed the rules and you can’t come back without a handstamp, and there is no place to get one.  Some Canadian coyotes try to return the women by crossing a frozen lake, but when the ice starts to crack, the coyotes opt to just dump the excess weight in the form of Lisa and Marge.  Fortunately, Homer and Bart show up in a big truck, the smallest American automakers produce, but when that goes through the ice, Homer still knows a place where it isn’t too hard to sneak in the States….the Detroit Lions football stadium.  There’s no one there to notice them coming.

So, Lisa’s back in America, and even has a mountie to show off for Show and Tell.

And…that’s that for now.  Have a good day, eh.


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