Comic Review: Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker

So it seems as if I thought the entire Infinity Wars/Warps thing from last year was something of a dud.

But then, well, I found something I liked in a spin-off mini-series titled Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker.

So, why this one?  It was the shortest, had next to nothing to do with the main story, and could have been an afterthought.  Why did this one work for me?

Part of it was the main character.  Sleepwalker is something of a forgotten favorite of mine.  There’s a reason he was one of the first Misplaced Heroes I ever did.  Still, that doesn’t mean this book is something I am in any way guaranteed to like.  So, what was it?

Well, it was fun.

Essentially, the events of Infinity Wars merged everyone on Earth and banishes them into the Soul World inside the Soul Stone.  Not everyone gets so merged, and one such “lucky” individual is Sleepwalker, though his human host Chris Powell is not so lucky.  Returning to the Mindscape, Sleepwalker decides to rescue Powell and find out what happened to everyone.  And though he is forbidden by his superiors, he decides to go anyway.  The thing is, he can’t go from the Mindscape (which is possibly the world inside the Mind Stone) to the Soul Stone.  He has to go through all the other Stones with various guides along the way.  And if he doesn’t, well, the combined souls of the Soul Stone might create even stronger and nastier nightmares than the ones his people are used to.

And the trip?  It’s great.  The story makes good use of some really weird combined heroes like a being that is the combination of the Man-Thing and Fin Fang Foom and actually shows something I have always somewhat wondered:  were there worlds inside the other five Infinity Stones?  The answer is a big yes, and these are some really creative places created courtesy of writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (personal fave:  the Reality Stone) while there’s some cool artwork from former Young Justice artist Todd Nauck.  Plus, the trade included a reprint of the first issue from the original Sleepwalker series.

Did this book add up to anything huge in the grand scheme of things?  No.  It was just fun.  8.5 out of 10 Little Monster sideplots.

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