Doctor Who “Colony In Space Part 6”

The Master is poised to poison Jo Grant with his remote control device!  Oh no!  What can save her?

Um, the Doctor uses his kung fu to knock the remote away and then natives of the planet come out and easily capture the pair of Time Lords, taking them back into the hidden city.

See, the Master knows this planet once had a massive doomsday device, and while the Doctor can point out that the natives’ own murals suggest the people there devolved after the development of this weapon, the Master still really wants it in part because the natives never used it, so by that logic, it must be good.

How does the Master know so much?  Eh, he raided the Time Lords’ records.

Meanwhile, back at the Colony, Jo has been rescued from the Master’s TARDIS, but Captain Dent demands she join the colonists on their rickety old spaceship to fly back to Earth despite the fact it will probably not survive lift-off.  Ashe, and only Ashe, can pilot the thing, and the colonists are being pushed onto the ship at gunpoint, but there are some hopes.  For one, Caldwell is a decent man, and Jo does convince him to go looking for the Doctor at the natives’ city.  For another, the colonists have a plan.  Most of the mining corporation’s security people pull back, save one observer.  And that guy gets jumped by Winton, who never boarded the rocket.  After a brief scuffle, the guard is knocked out, but then the rocket lifts off, Ashe at the controls, and it explodes as predicted.

RIP Wrong Ash.

OK, so, that was depressing.  Does the Doctor stop the Master?  I mean, the two of them manage to get out of their holding cell, and because the Master has a map which leads the two of them straight to the doomsday device, a massive machine that can blow up distant stars.  The Master figures they can use it to blackmail other planets into ruling the galaxy and offers the Doctor a chance to rule alongside him.

Has he just met the Doctor?  Of course the Doctor refuses.

And then one of the brainy natives, a tiny fellow played by a puppet, pops out and listens to the Master’s offer, and then the Doctor’s, and opts to go with the Doctor’s plan of “blow the weapon to bits”.  And that means having to scramble out of the city before the whole thing explodes.  Fortunately, they run into Jo and Caldwell and manage to get out.

And they run right into the mining company’s security team.

And those guys in turn are ambushed by the colonists because they all got off the rocket except for Ashe, who sacrificed himself for the others, and after another firefight, the colonists once again subdue the mining corporation guys.

You know, for a murderous security team, they sure do suck at their jobs.

However, in the confusion the Master escapes.

Now, there is some good news for the colonists.  They have a real Adjudicator coming, Caldwell decides to stay and help.  Winton looks like he might make a good leader.  And the destruction of the weapon means that the crop-killing radiation is gone, so they should be able to grow plants now that Captain Dent has been sent away.  As such, Jo and the Doctor can get back into their TARDIS, found in a native settlement some distance away, and…

…zap back to only a few seconds after they left.  Sure, the Brigadier isn’t amused, but the Doctor is for once as he suggests to Jo that they keep the adventure to themselves.  He doesn’t think the Brigadier would ever believe it…

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