A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Grim Grotto Part Two”

So, let’s talk a bit of moral philosophy, shall we?

Most of the time in children’s entertainment–and that is primarily what A Series of Unfortunate Events happens to be–there’s good and there’s evil.  The Baudelaires are good and the many stupid adults in society push them around for various reasons.  Count Olaf is evil, and he keeps getting away with it because stupid adults fail to see he is, well, who he is.

But there has been this idea that the V.F.D. is good, or at least it was before the Schism whose secrets are held inside the Sugar Bowl.  And while there are plenty of reasons to think various characters are good or evil, Season Three has thrown some monkey wrenches into the mix.  Olaf sure is evil, and so are Esme and Carmelita.  And the Baudelaires are still good.  But what about other characters?

Like the Hook-Handed Man that Olaf insists on calling “hooky” even after repeatedly being told his name.  His name is Fernald.  And…he’s Fiona’s half-brother.  And he really cares about Sunny.

So, yeah, while Klaus and Violet argue to Olaf that they need to cure Sunny, infected as she is with a deadly fungus, Olaf doesn’t care.  But Fernald does.  He knows a lot about that fungus.  He used to be V.F.D., and he started a fire in a V.F.D. lab that was cultivating the fungus in order to destroy the deadly stuff.  He lost his hands in that fire, and he’s stuck with Olaf for so long because Olaf actually took him in and cared for him.  That idea has come up in the past, that Olaf’s gang follow him because they had nowhere else to go and Olaf was the only one showing them even a little bit of compassion, and even then it isn’t much, but here we are.  And Fernald argues with the Baudelaires that there actually wasn’t a Schism, that there’s good and evil inside of everybody and…that’s a somewhat radical set of ideas for a kid’s show.

As it is, Fiona and Fernald play it up to keep the Baudelaires alive and free, but to do that, Fiona gives Olaf the fungus stored in Sunny’s diving helmet (she was cured  with wasabi, a substitute for the real cure, namely horseradish), and Fernald gives up the location of the Last Safe Place where the remaining members of the V.F.D. are going.  That would be the Hotel Denouement.  The Baudelaires also know to go there because of course they do.  However, Olaf soon realizes there are no orphans in his brig and locks up Fiona and Fernald instead.  They need to escape and rescue the Snow Scouts being used to row the sub.

As for the Baudelaires, they get away in the Queequeg, a little wiser than they were before about good and evil.  They seem to recognize things aren’t so easy to figure out and it may be time to break the cycle.

As such, when they land on the same beach they started the series on and they meet Useless Mr. Poe again, and he says he’ll have to take them in himself because they need a guardian, they decline because they got a better offer.

Namely Kit Snicket offers to drive them to the Hotel Denouement and maybe finally give them some answers.

And Quigley gave the Sugar Bowl to some crows.  That makes as much sense as anything else involving the Sugar Bowl.

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