Game of Thrones Power Rankings: Episode 2: A Night of the Seven Kingdoms

After every episode in this final season, we will tell you who is winning at the Game of Thrones, and who is playing as well as Ned and Cat Stark… and everyone in between.

Based on our scientific power ranking system (aka…pulling ideas out of my ass), we have broken the players into groups based on their strength in the latest episode.  People can move up.  People can move down.  Anything is possible.  For the rankings, we are just using the pool of candidates in the Gabbing Geek Game of Thrones Death Draft, but will add any new players if they become big enough!

This week…

Season 8, Episode 2: A Night of the Seven Kingdoms

Big Events: The preparation for battle is underway.  Jamie gets cleared to fight because of Brienne’s vouching.  He then returns the favor by knighting her. Bran is going to serve as bait with a newly arrived Theon to protect him.  Arya gets her some…. Danaerys learns the truth of Jon’s parentage.

How it Ended:  The army of the dead has arrived…

Major Deaths: One of the few episodes with no deaths…

Let’s play the Feud!

Valar Morghulis

It means “All Must Die” in High Valyrian, so this group is for those who’ve gone to meet the Old Gods and the New!

This Week’s Additions:


Deaths from Previous Episodes:

  • Ned Umber,  Episode 1:  Died pinned to the wall of his keep by the Night King.

Holding the Door!

These characters are not dead yet.. but man is that door coming down fast.

  • Beric Dondarrion: (Holds steady).  He is cannon fodder and got his little farewell scene this week so he can die next week.
  • Bronn: (Holds steady). He didn’t appear, but his fate is still the same as last week.
  • Eddison Tollett: (Holds steady).  We got the reunion of the Watch on a different Wall.  That felt like a valedictory of a guy who is nowhere near as important as the other two…
  • Euron Greyjoy: (Holds steady).  He didn’t appear, but his fate is still the same as last week.
  • Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane: (Holds steady).  He didn’t appear, but his fate is still the same as last week.
  • Jorah Mormont : (Down from Valar Dohaeris).  He got Heartsbane from Sam (Jenny called it!), and told his Queen to trust Tyrion.  He’s a dead man walking.  Hopefully not literally…
  • Melissandra:  (Holds steady).  She didn’t appear, but her fate is still the same as last week.
  • Theon Greyjoy: (Holds steady).  Now we know his redemption moment:  defending Bran who he betrayed and who he made the Kingdom think he murdered.  He is Bran’s honor guard in the Godswood, so that’s how he dies.  Next week!

Valar Dohaeris

Valar Dohaeris” means “all men must serve” in the old tongue, and represents players who are just treading water.

Active Players:

  • Gendry :(Holds steady).  I’d move him up because he got some, but he was a prop in that moment…
  • Ghost : (Holds steady).  Ghost appeared for the first time since S6E3!  He wasn’t even at the Battle of the Bastards for some reason.  He was in the background, so that moves him into active, but just barely…
  • Gilly :(Holds steady).  She was helpful at get the people into the crypts, but not much else.
  • Greyworm : (Holds steady).  Great scene with Missandei that made me wonder if they will get their happy ending.
  • Missandei : (Holds steady).  I really want them to get to that beach…
  • Tyrion Lannister : (Down from Climbing the Wall).  Take that, Jonathan!  I told you he was the Jimmy Carter of Hands.
  • Viserion : (Holds steady).  He didn’t appear, so he stays in this category.
  • Yohn Royce : (Holds steady).Basically, this guy is the person who leaves the room when someone wants to talk to Sansa.  The actor is earning his scale wages…

    Dormant Players:

  • Daario Naharis : Has not appeared yet.
  • Edmure Tully : Has not appeared yet.
  • Hodor the Wight: (Down from Holding the Door).  I am moving him down because he may not appear.  I think if they were going to show him as a wight, he might have appeared at the end of the episode…
  • Jaqen H’ghar :Has not appeared yet.
  • Meera Reed :Has not appeared yet.
  • Melisandre :Has not appeared yet.
  • Nymeria : Has not appeared yet.
  • Robin Arryn :Has not appeared yet.
  • Salladhor Saan :Has not appeared yet.
  • See Ilyn Payne :Has not appeared yet.
  • Tycho Nestoris : Has not appeared yet.

Climbing the Wall

It’s glorious on the Wall, & these folks are making a push in the Game. Can they reach the top or fall to their deaths?

  • Brienne of Tarth: (Up from Holding the Door).  You become the first female knight of Westeros, you move up a notch.  One of the best scenes in the history of the show..
  • Cersei Lannister : Did not appear this episode, so she remains in his place.
  • Davos Seaworth : (Holds steady).  He had a couple of good quips, but he still sticks in the upper tier.
  • Drogon : (Down from the Seven) Did not appear this episode, so he gives up his spot for another.
  • Harry Strickland : (Holds steady) Did not appear this episode, so he remains in his place.
  • Howland Reed : (Up from Valar Dohaeris).  Has not appeared yet, but moving up because he became critical to confirm Jon’s parentage.
  • Lyanna Mormont : (Up from Valar Morghulis).  She put Jorah in his place, said she was fighting, and told them to kiss her ass.  Hell yeah!
  • Podrick Payne : (Up from Valar Dohaeris).  We bump him up for the nice accompaniment for the montage.  Courtesy…
  • Qyburn : (Holds steady).  Did not appear this episode, so he remains in his place.
  • Rhaegal : (Holds steady).  Did not appear this episode, so he remains in his place.
  • Sandor “The Hound” Clegane: (Up from Valar Dohaeris).  I moved him up a spot. He has unfinished business, so he waits another day to die.
  • Tormund Giantsbane: (Up from Holding the Door).  The creeper looks alone should be deadly to the White Walkers.  #MeToo, Tormond?
  • Varys : (Holds steady) Not much going on this episode, so he remains here.
  • Yara Greyjoy : Did not appear this episode, so she remains in his place.

In the Sight of the Seven

So close.  So close to the lead.  This section is for seven players who could take it all, but aren’t quite there yet.

  • Arya Stark : (Holds steady).  Go, Arya!  Go, Arya!  Take what you want!  First woman in the show to be 100% sexually in control!  Plus, she is a badass who can throw a dragonglass dagger…
  • Brandon “Bran” Stark : (Holds steady).  This guy controls the game. Totally in charge and a little less creepy this week.
  • Daenerys Targaryen : (Holds steady).  She took a couple of hits this week.  She lost her boyfriend, maybe?  Sansa threw shade her way.  She is having HR troubles with her staff. Bad times…
  • Jamie Lannister : (Up from Climbing the Wall).  Surviving the trial was good. Making peace with Bran was better.  Knighting Ser Brienne was brilliant.
  • Jon Snow : (Holds steady).  He needs to decide what he wants to do with this new piece of info.  I thought he just wanted to win the Great War.  This week, I feel like he might have plans for life after the Dead.
  • Samwell Tarley :(Holds steady).  The first to kill a White Walker.  The Killer of Thenn (singular).  Lover of women.  Couple that with the fact that it tipped a little that he might write all the history later in a Song of Fire and Ice.
  • Sansa Stark : (Holds steady).  Sansa is becoming a baller.  Her scene with Danaerys was her best work in the series.

Climbing the Stairs to the Iron Throne

Reserved for the top player in the Game as it stands after the latest episodes

  • The Night King: (Holds steady).  He didn’t appear. It didn’t matter.  His presence was felt. He is coming.  He will be here next week…

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