Orphan Black “To Right the Wrongs of Many”

I probably said this when I started Orphan Black, but the one thing I really missed when I cut the cable was I wouldn’t be able to see Orphan Black as it aired.  I’d have to wait for it to go some streaming service (Amazon Prime as it turned out), and I really wanted to know how it ended.

Well, I’ve seen the ending now.  Finally.

So, it’s the last episode.  And…I liked how it went down.

I mean, it really went down the way I would have wanted it to.  Sarah beat Westmorland to death with an oxygen tank after he almost suffocated her with some plastic wrap.

Helena proved she was still the most dangerous clone by killing Coady while giving birth to twins.

Heck, Art managed to get the drop on Engers, knocking her out and cuffing her.  Since Art is still a free man at the end of the episode after a short time jump, I’m guessing he didn’t get into any trouble after Engers clearly told a lot of lies about him.

But after the birth of two boys, well, we still have a half hour left to the episode.  And…that’s a good thing.  The strength of Orphan Black has always been the characters, even if about half of them all seem to be played by the same actor.  Give them time to unwind, show the audience where they ended up, and finally give some closure that includes Helena reading her memoirs to the others that happen to have the same title as the series, well, it just worked.

So, how did it all end?

Rachel gave over the names of all the Leda clones and then went off to live in obscurity and relative poverty.

Delphine and Cosima travel the world, giving the cure to all the clones.

Alison and Donnie are enjoying domestic bliss.

Helena is living in their garage.  She named the babies “Arthur” and “Donnie” after some “real men” who actually helped.

Art adopted Charlotte.

And Sarah ended up staying in Mrs. S’s house with Kira and Felix.

So, yeah, it all worked out in the end.

Except for maybe Rachel, but did we want things to work out for her?

So, that was Orphan Black.  I found it good, really good.  Not quite great.  There were a couple missteps, like the episode given over to a transgender clone that just didn’t work and only got a namedrop once in the rest of the series (and it was this final episode).  The conspiracy went on a bit too much at times, seeming to complicate things more than they needed to be.  But overall, it tied up all the loose ends, gave the characters an ending they deserved that were rooted in who they were, and had some great acting from Tatiana Maslany.  Plus, I think it comes in second only to the great Farscape for ongoing shows that prominently featured enemies becoming allies.  It may have run a little longer than I would have liked, but for a relatively low budget sci-fi show, it told a good story that I was glad to see play out.  8.5 out of 10 clone dances.

But now it’s time to find something new for Wednesdays.  You know, I usually go with something that ran for a long time and had a lot of episodes, but was also a somewhat heavy drama.  So, let’s try something I never really had much interest in and that some other folks here tried to cover before.

Yeah, let’s go with the new Voltron show on Netflix.

Ryan and Jimmy started this one once. I don’t think I’ll go as deep as they did.  Check out what they did once upon a time, theoretical reader.

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