A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Grim Grotto Part One”

Nope, Mr. Poe is still useless.

I don’t have much to say about Poe aside from the fact he doesn’t seem to realize Kit isn’t working for him despite her saying so many times.  He also doesn’t realize Quigley Quagmire isn’t dead.  Fortunately, Kit is smarter than that and ends up recruiting Quigley into the V.F.D.

But the Baudelaires were rescued by a sub, and after guessing the password, they find the sub has only two crewmembers.  One is Fiona Widdershins.  She’s the captain, about the same age as the older kids, and she finds Klaus useful but not Violet.  Violet doesn’t like her.  The other is the eternally optimistic and upbeat Phil, last seen working at a certain lumber mill.  He’s the cook, and he takes Sunny in as an assistant, which is good because Sunny actually knows her way around a kitchen.  The sub is searching for the sugar bowl on behalf of the V.F.D., and inside the sugar bowl is information on what led to the schism inside the V.F.D.

And we all know Esme really wants it for some reason.

But this show wouldn’t get far without Count Olaf, a man trying and failing to rent a submarine.  Fortunately, the Man and the Woman already got one for…Esme.  It is a particularly evil-looking thing with tentacles.  And they even gave Esme a captain’s hat.  Olaf is deflated.  Carmelita is being extra obnoxious, and the hook-handed guy, well, he’s getting more and more frustrated.  He even tries to tell the others his name before he’s told to shut up.

So, yeah, everyone is headed underwater to find the sugar bowl.  It seems to be near a former V.F.D. base that was burned down, one infested with a rare mushroom that can cause deadly reactions to it.  There’s also a giant sea monster called the Great Unknown.  It appears as a question mark on radar.  And when it swims around Fiona’s sub, the Queequeg, that means there’s a question mark swimming around a sub labeled as “Q” and that makes me think of QAnon.  That was unexpected.

OK, so, yes, Olaf and Co. find the Queequeg and even manage to capture the Baudelaires and Phil.  Fiona goes to hide and send an SOS.  Kit gets that message and asks someone how fast he can swim.  But hook-hands finds Fiona.

That would be about the same time the Baudelaires are forced to go find the sugar bowl in the abandoned base.  And they do.  And Quigley finds them.  They give him the sugar bowl, but then the mushrooms start to bloom, and that’s when they’re dangerous.  Quigley gets away in time, and two of the Baudelaires manage to get their helmets on before they get infected.

The unlucky third?  Sunny.

Somehow, I doubt Olaf will care.

But then we see Quigley open the sugar bowl and see…well, something.  He didn’t show the rest of is, but he did look a little surprised or perplexed or something.

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