Doctor Who “The Claws Of Axos Part 3”

OK, hold on a minute here.  We’ve been watching this serial called the “Claws of Axos” and I have seen a single, solitary claw of any…oh, wait, there they are.

Yes, Axos–which is the living ship, not the people inside of it since they are all just part of Axos–sent agents out to bring the Doctor back to the ship, and while the vine things knock American Bill into a coma, they then hypnotize or something Jo and the Doctor, taking them back to the ship where the pair are held in place by claws coming out of the wall.

So, yes, claws of Axos.

While there, the Doctor learns the Axos need to spread the Axonite around the globe within 72 hours to absorb all the life energy and feed or else, well, they can’t.  The Doctor’s only consolation is government liaison Chinn is too stupid and greedy to spread the stuff around the globe.

Cut to the power plant where Chinn’s boss is overruling him to spread Axonite around the globe.

At least the Brigadier is inclined to try and stop them.  He can’t, but he’s smart enough to know this stuff could be bad, and American Bill backs him up.

And at least the Doctor is tough enough to withstand mental torture to keep the secrets of time travel from the Axos.  He only gives up a little when Axos threatens to use Axonite to age Jo into an old woman and kill her, showing them doing so in the next room.  Then the Doctor relents, but I gotta say, actress Katy Manning is still alive, and she did a couple episodes of the recent spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures and she looks pretty different from the old woman used here as “elderly Jo”.

That’s Jo on the far right. On the far left is her grandson, the Immortal Iron Fist.

And it even turns out that the Axos can get past the Time Lords’ mental block to get the information from the Doctor’s mind so they can do the time travel thing.  Except they don’t have nearly enough power to transport their whole ship through time.

Unless they use the nearby power plant for more power.  That means using the humanoid agent already there to turn into a vine monster and storm off into the reactor.  It is, of course, bulletproof, and it can make soldiers explode, so the Brigadier can’t shoot it.  And when it gets into the reactor, can anyone save the day if the Doctor is a prisoner?

Um, yeah.  The Master can.  He had moved the Doctor’s TARDIS to the power plant, and the Brigadier caught him coming out of it.  He knows how to manipulate the power plant to stop the Axos, and since this is the Master, he’s almost certainly doing it to get something else.  Like, enough power to charge up the Doctor’s TARDIS to leave Earth behind.  He was trying to fix the thing, and this is the first we’ve seen of the inside of the TARDIS since the show went to color.  It really was a mess in there…

Bottom line is, the Axos is at least temporarily defeated, and in the confusion, the Doctor and Jo make a run for it…

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