Merlin “The Coming Of Arthur Part 1”

Wait, are we finally getting into some, like, real Arthurian legend?

It’s about damn time.

Yes, a patrol was wiped out to a man, but then a knight named Sir Leon returns.  The druids brought him back to life with the use of the Cup of Life.

I suppose they could have called it the “Holy Grail,” but that might be too Christian and the show isn’t shooting to anything overtly religious.

Anyway, Uther decides something like that is too dangerous to be held by peaceful, nonviolent druids.  Now, Gaius is correct when he points out that the Cup can be used for evil by making warriors immortal.  So, it isn’t a terrible idea to get it back to Camelot.  And since it’s near Cenred’s territory, and he was the one who killed all those knights, it’s best to just sent Arthur and Merlin alone to bring it back.

And then Morgana tells Morgause who tells Cenred.  And that means problems.  First, the pair are captured by a slave trader that was probably one Game of Thrones.  Good news there, sort of.  Gwaine is also being held as a slave there, and that means when Arthur and Gwaine fight for the entertainment of their new boss, Merlin can start a fire and allow the three to escape.  That also means Gwaine can help on the quest.  I’m fine with that.  Gwaine is awesome.

And it actually goes well.  They find the druids in a cave and the head druid…just turns the Cup over to Arthur.  OK, telepathically, he says he turned it over to Merlin, but you get the idea.

And then Cenred shows up with some knights of his own, they attack, Arthur gets poisoned, and Cenred gets the Cup.  Morgause uses it to make Cenred’s entire army immortal.  That…will suck.  They’re also loyal to Morgause now, as Cenred learns when one kills him.

Fortunately, Arthur more or less recovers, and the trio sneak back into Camelot.  A patrol that included Leon got themselves ambushes, and only Leon escaped to tell Uther.  And since these soldiers of Morgause’s can’t be killed, they win easily off-screen.  Sure, Gaius tried to warn Uther there was a spy while Morgana was standing right there, but that didn’t help much since Uther is oblivious.

And still a child-killer.  I did not forget.

You know, Arthur tried to get the druids to give up the Cup by holding a blade to a boy’s throat, so the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.  Fortunately, Arthur is a better person than that…so far.

But once Merlin, Arthur, and Gwaine get back to Camelot…it looks bad.  They find Gwen’s brother Elyan and Gaius, and Arthur is still a bit woozy, plus some sneaking around shows Uther was still alive in the dungeon.  Arthur sends everyone but Merlin away as those two sneak around to try and rescue Uther only to see a horrifying sight for anyone who didn’t know whose side Morgana was on.

That would be when Morgause takes the crown from Uther’s head and Morgana proclaims herself Queen of Camelot.

You know, I am pretty sure she’s an illegitimate child, so I’m not sure that really counts.

Well, Arthur and Merlin will have their work cut out for them in Part Two.

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