Gabbing Geek Game of Thrones Prop Bet Challenge

A few weeks ago, Gabbing Geek did our Season Eight Game of Thrones Death Draft… but now we want to get a little crazy.

Welcome to the Gabbing Geek Game of Thrones Prop Bets Challenge! We will have a couple of will they/won’t they (die) questions to warm you up, but then we really ask you to make some bizarre predictions.  Let’s not forget Ryan’s ridiculous theory!!!

The Game is simple.  Predict the events of Season 8, earn the most points, and win some Game of Thrones swag as a prize. There is no second place. In the Gabbing Geek Game of Thrones Prop Bet Challenge, you win… or you die.

The point totals vary by response, so there is a payoff to taking a swing at some crazy things happening. Because in Season Eight, crazy things MAY happen. Submissions are due in either the comments section here or on Facebook at 5pm Central Standard time, on Sunday April 14th.

We at Gabbing Geek wish you the blessing of the Old Gods and the New…but not the Lord of Light. That guy is a total dick…

Ok…here we go!

Will this character die?

Cersei Yes: 1 No: 1
Jamie Yes: 1 No: 1
Brienne Yes: 2 No: 1
Arya Yes: 3 No: 1
Jon Yes: 3 No: 1
Sansa Yes: 5 No: 1
Daenerys Yes: 5 No: 1
Tyrion Yes: 6 No: 1

Will this big story development occur?

The Iron Throne is destroyed Yes: 1 No: 1
Jon Snow learns he’s a Targaryen Yes: 1 No: 3
Jon Snow and Daenerys will get married Yes: 1 No: 1
Daenerys gets pregnant Yes: 2 No: 1
Hodor becomes a White Walker Yes: 2 No: 1
Bran wargs into someone who has been a principal star Yes: 5 No: 1
Cleganebowl! Note:  Void if they don’t fight or a no clear winner emerges. If both die, last man standing rules. Hound Wins: 1 Mountain Wins: 2

Avengers aren’t the only ones facing End Game!  How will it end?

White walkers die when the Night King dies.  Note: No wins if the Night King Lives Yes: 1 No: 1
White Walker forces make it to King’s Landing.  Note: Must be at least 10 (including an actual Walker) Yes: 1 No: 1
A new wall is constructed and manned Yes: 2 No: 1
White Walkers win in the end.  Note: Win is defined as the White Walkers being the predominant force in Westeros and most of the humans are dead. Yes: 10 No: 1

Ok… Last one! Predict if these crazy fan theories come true.

Someone other than Daenerys rides a living dragon Yes: 1 No: 3
Sam is the one telling/writing the whole story Yes: 3 No: 1
Bran’s the reason the Mad King became mad Yes: 4 No: 1
Tyrion is a Targaryen Yes: 5 No: 1
Bran is revelaed to have been Bran the builder and  built the Wall Yes: 5 No: 1
Bran is actually the Night King Yes: 8 No: 1
The Night King is a Stark Yes: 10 No: 1

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