Orphan Black “One Fettered Slave”

So, why does Helena have blonde hair when most of the other clones, you know, don’t?

When she was an orphan being raised by nuns, she caught one nun masturbating, so the nun bleached her hair and locked her in a closet until that Tomas guy came to get her and taught her to kill.

There’s a lot of backstory for Helena in this, the penultimate episode.  “Westmorland” is insisting Helena have her twins right now, and Coady, well, Coady doesn’t really have enough spine to stand up to that man.  Heck, she even euthanizes Mark on Westmorland’s orders, and the last Castor clone dies going to sleep without ever finding out Gracie is dead.

Yeah, see, between that and pointing out what a trashy lowlife Helena is, Coady isn’t going to make many friends from the deadliest and most inventive clone in the bunch.  Heck, Helena almost commits suicide by slitting her wrist when she’s left unattended after she’s given some hormones to induce labor–an action Coady started in what looks like the foolish hope to let Westmorland live longer.

So, what will Sarah and the others do?  Well, Sarah is still in mourning over the loss of Mrs. S.  Let’s face it:  she has a good reason to be.  But they do have Rachel as a resource.  And while Rachel is hardly someone they really want to deal with, they need to find Helena right away, so between Rachel, Art, Felix, Scott, Hell-Wizard, and Sarah, they do manage to find where Westmorland is hiding with Coady, Engers, and a few others, and Sarah goes in disguised as Rachel.  That works long enough for Art to get in the building.

Sarah being there means there’s a good source to get Helena some emergency blood to save the babies, and the only reason Helena tried to kill herself was because she didn’t want her unborn sons to be someone else’s lab rats.  Some evil old people can’t take a hint.

But giving Helena a blood transfusion means she’s alert enough to bash Coady’s head into some metal railings on her hospital bed, knock the bad woman out, and then allow Sarah and Helena to try and escape.

But then Helena’s water breaks.

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