Gabbing Game of Thrones: Top Ten Coolest Locations (Spoilers)

We are days away from the final season of Game of Thrones; one of the greatest shows of all-time!  In preparation for the season premiere on April 14th, we are looking back at the first seven seasons and making lists about…everything!

Today, we are looking at the Top Fifteen Coolest Locations/Settings…

Here we go!

Top Ten Coolest Locations/Settings

10. The Library of the Citadel

Where it is:  Located in Old Town in the Reach.

What happened there:  The Citadel is the home of the order of the Maesters; where Sam is sent by Jon to earn his chain and replace Maester Aemon.

Why I liked it:  Mostly because the chandelier over the library is essentially a real life version of the opening title animation and that was a really great reveal.

9. Harrenhal

Where it is: The largest castle in Westeros, Harrenhal is located in the middle of the kingdom in the Riverlands.

What happened there:  Years ago, the Lord of Harrenhal rebelled and the Targaryan at the time burned his castle with Dragonfire.  It is still said to be haunted.  In more recent times, it was the forward base for Tywin’s armies as he warred with Robb Stark.

Why I liked it:  First, it is a creepy place and that makes for a great setting.  More importantly, it was a great backdrop for an amazing plotline between Tywin, planning his next move against the Starks, and Arya, trying to make sure Tywin didn’t known that a Stark was serving his dinner.  One of the great tragedies of the show was Tywin never learned he had Arya Stark right under his thumb and let her get away.

8. Temple of Mereen

Where it is:  The Temple dominates the skyline of Mereen, which sits on Slaver’s Bay; on the continent of Essos.

What happened there:  Daenerys became Queen. She had freed the slaves on Yunkai, but only in Mereen did The Breaker of Chains learn to rule.  Before she could leave for Westeros, Khaleesi (she has a lot of names) had to break the hold of the Sons of the Harpy and ensure her city would stay safe.

Why I liked it:  The powder keg environment of Mereen, doubled with amazing imagery, really connected with me.  The Unburnt (man…lot of names…) sat on her throne in the temple and prepared for a much harder challenge ahead.

7. Dragonstone

Where it is:  Dragonstone is an island Northeast of King’s Landing, at the outer end of Blackwater Bay.

What happened there:  Dragonstone, where the Targaryans first landed after coming over from Valarya to begin the Conquest, is traditionally the seat of the crown prince of Westeros.  When Robert took the throne, he gave it to Stannis before Joffrey was born; mostly so he could give the Stormlands to Renly.  Daenerys, who was born there, later used it as her base as she began a conquest of her own.

Why I liked it:  It is just a well designed set!  It is very angular and imposing from the outisde and the map room of Dragonstone provided a setting for memorable scenes including both Stannis and Daenerys.

6.  The Twins

Where it is: Located on a bridge at the strategic location at the Trident of the Green River; home of House Frey who pledge loyalty to the Tullys of the Riverlands.

What happened there:  After Robb agrees to marry a Frey daughter as toll for passage across the Frey, bridge, he reneges and marries another.  Later, as revenge, he hosts the Red Wedding at the The Twins.  Arya returns the favor in the Frey’s great hall…

Why I liked it: First, it is really cool looking. Maybe it just reminds me of Tower Bridge in London.  Second, it was the scene to some really brutal take downs!

5. Castle Pyke

Where it is:  Located on the Iron Islands on the Western Coast of the nation; home to House Greyjoy.

What happened there:  Balon Greyjoy was tossed off the really cool rope bridges that connect the castles, and then Euron (who did the tossing) was named King.

Why I liked it:  The architecture is amazing.  It is a series of towers built into craggy cliffys and connected by narrow bridges.

4. Winterfell

Where it is:  Winterfell is the seat of power in the North, a couple of days ride south of the Wall.

What happened there:  Much of the story’s early action centers here.  Bran is tossed out of a window.  Theon takes it when he betrays Robb, and then the Battle of the Bastards ends there.

Why I liked it:  This is the closest thing we have to a “home” in this series.  It is where the good guys come from.  For much of the series it fell under negative rule by Theon and then the Boltons, but it is finally back to being the base of the living.

3. The Iron Throne

Where it is:  The Iron Throne is in the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

What happened there:  A lot of great scenes happened in the Throne Room. The Mad King’s burning of the Starks.  Littlefinger betraying Ned.  Joffrey’s cruelty.  Cersei’s willingness to poison Tommen.  Tyrion’s trial.  Cersei’s coronation.

Why I liked it:  The Throne is an iconic symbol in the show.  It was forged from the swords of the Targaryen’s enemies by dragonfire and it is terribly intimidation.

2. Eyrie Moon Door

Where it is:  Located in the throne room of the Vale; home of House Arryn.

What happened there:  Lysa holds Tyrion’s trial there, and Bronn stands for him; defeating the champion of the Vale.  Later, Petyr throws Lysa through her own means of execution because…he’s fucking crazy.

Why I liked it:  The sick idea of throwing people to their death over hundreds of feet seems like a very Game of Thrones sort of thing.  Such a beautiful piece of architecture to be used for such a sick purpose.

1. The Wall/Castle Black

Where it is:  As far North as you can go and stay in the Seven Kingdoms, the North divides the citizens of the realm from the Wildlings and monsters.

What happened there:  Jon lives, dies, and lives again. Wildlings attack…and defend.  Finally, a freaking Ice Dragon knocks down part of the Wall at Eastwatch By the Sea.

Why I liked it:  What a cool visual:  a GIGANTIC wall built of ice and magic, with fortresses on it.  Then, a dragon blasts it with blue fire/ice?  What is not to like?  Like Winterfell, it is the place where good guys live.

Honorable Mentions:

Kings Landing Great Sept
Bloody Gate/Eyrie- Vale
Casterly Rock ramparts
King’s Landing- Red Keep
Crypts of Winterfell
Craester’s Keep
Godswood at Winterfell
Mud Gate in Kings Landing
Warlock tower in Qarth
Walls of Mereen
Throne Garden of Dorne
Bridge city of Volantis

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