Orphan Black “Manacled Slim Wrists”

So, it sure does look like Neolution has all the bases covered with the clones and their allies.

That means it’s time for a wild card to be tossed back into the ring.

That’s right.  Krystal’s back.

Yes, Krystal, the clone who doesn’t believe she is a clone.  The clone who thinks Neolution is an evil cosmetics firm.  The clone who somehow keeps figuring things out despite being completely unreliable.  This time she comes back because her good friend Brie’s hair is falling out, so she figures it must be Neolution and goes to see Art and Scott.

When Art and Scott are your top team of operatives, you may have problems.  Art’s fine, but Scott is another story.  Keep him in the lab.  He does fine in there.

But it does mean that they call Sarah, who Krystal thinks is Australian, and it turns out intell Mrs. S got from Felix and Delphine in Zurich (a place they obviously did not have the budget to recreate) reveals that, uh, Krystal is right about a certain cosmetics company being bought up by Neolution.

While all that is going on, the man I will keep calling Westmorland for convenience’s sake is looking to be immortal, and his plans may be falling apart.  For one, Coady comes back and she and Susan don’t get along.  For another, while Ira would like more information on the Castors from Coady, he is still devoted to Susan, and that means the only person who can really help cure him of the Castor defect is, well, Cosima.  Will he help Cosima get out?  Can they convince the girl named Mud to help as well?

And what happens when the Afghan girl brought to the Island to be cured of her cancer ends up suddenly dying when everyone was told she was “getting better”?

Answer:  it will not go well on the Island.

Ira does manage to get Cosima out, and even though he is glitching hard, he will bring Susan to the boat while Cosima fetches Charlotte and the cure.  Ira also hands Cosima a photograph showing Westmorland as a young man in the 60s with Susan.  As such, though Cosima is caught by angry townsfolk, she shows them the photo and can smuggle Charlotte and the cure to the boathouse to wait for Ira and Susan.  Ira and Susan never show up because Coady catches Susan putting morphine into Westmorland’s blood transfusion, so they kill her and it looks like Ira is dying anyway.

Cosima says she knows about boats, so she and Charlotte take off.

As for Krystal, with Brie distracting Scott, a man not used to attractive women talking to him, Krystal then decides to meet the cosmetics CEO she knows instead of Sarah, and despite ignoring every piece of advice Sarah and Art give her, she gets the information they need about his company and Neolution.  Scott’s test show Brie wasn’t poisoned, but a face cream she swiped from the cosmetics guy did cause her temporary hair loss.  And when cosmetics guy finds the stolen prototype in Brie’s bag, well…Krystal ignores the advice she got by kicking the guy in the balls, getting him in a choke hold, getting a confession out of him, and rubbing the experimental face cream that causes hair loss into the man’s beard.

What does Neolution want?  They want an easy way to transmit their stuff to unsuspecting people through stuff like facial cream.

So, there, some answers, even if Mrs. S won’t say who her secret contacts are.  Must be where Sarah got it from.

But there is a downside.  Kira was supposed to start hormone treatments so Westmorland can harvest the little girl’s egg cells (boo), and despite faking an illness, Westmorland sends Rachel to pick Kira up anyway that night while Sarah and Art are on stake-out outside Krystal’s place.  Mrs. S does intone that Rachel better watch it because she will need their help some day, but we’ll have to see how much Rachel can switch sides in the remaining four episodes.

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