Titans “Koriand’r”

Well, we more or less know what’s happening now.

Yes, it seems Rachel’s attempts to get some out-of-state vigilantes she knows to help were what happened in the few seconds where Kori tried to throttle her.  Gar tried to stop her, but Kori effortlessly tossed him aside  and knocked out Dick just as he was coming in.  Can anyone stop the woman enraged for no known reason?

Yeah.  Donna can.  She has a magic lasso.

Once calmed, Rachel’s mom asks Kori to leave, and Kori leaves all distraught.  Dick and Donna follow while Gar tries to make Rachel feel better.

Well, see, Kori does remember her past now and takes the other two…to her space ship.  She’s an alien from the planet Tamaran.  Her people know that an ancient world-eating entity called Trigon is coming to Earth, and after he’s done with Earth, Tarmaran and the rest of the universe are next.  She has books of prophecy to prove it.

Oh, and he’s Rachel’s father.

And Rachel is the gateway to his return.


Oh, and one other thing:  Rachel’s mom is in on this.

OK, were they making this all up as they went along?  Because that seems like a mighty big jump for this whole conspiracy to work.

And if we thought it might all be a trick, we get to see Angela make nice with a childhood friend, the local sheriff, only to knife him in her kitchen for…reasons.  Mostly to show the audience what Dick, Donna, and Kori already told us by showing she’s been evil all along.

By the by, what trick will Angela use to get Rachel to bring Trigon out?  Well, Gar gets really sick, haunted by the scientist he ate in tiger form, and getting worse.  It looks like the only cure, especially after the sheriff is knifed in the next room, is for Rachel to summon her father to heal him.

And she does.

And…he looks like a regular dude.  He does heal Gar, but that’s because he needs Rachel to have her heart broken for whatever comes next.

Well, by then the other three got back, but there’s a mystical barrier over the place.

And only Dick can walk through it.

That can’t be good.

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