Vikings “Hell”

Well, the title for the episode fits.  Probably.

I think I’ll keep this one short.  There’s a battle in the middle that we do and don’t see because Alfred keeps coming in to narrate things after the fact, but suffice to say, a lot of this episode is a battle.

But also, it turns out that Ivar, psychotic twerp that he is, has some limits.  He does seem to know that killing the Eyeless Seer Dude will not go over well and actually hides the fact he did it, and then feigns ignorance when Hvitserk finds some evidence the Seer died a violent death and vows to catch the person responsible if he has to look everywhere except in the mirror.

Ivar normally just admits to everything.

But most of the plot happens over in Wessex.  Good old boring Wessex.  Alfred and his army take on Harald’s raiding party.  And…Alfred’s side wins.  All those lessons from Ubbe paid off.  Ubbe also provided Alfred with catapults.  Alfred never saw those before.

So, after Ubbe offered Harald a bribe to go away, Magnus, that snot, showed up in Harald’s camp claiming he wanted to be a viking and destroy Christianity.  Oh and he revealed Alfred and Ubbe were setting up a trap for the raiders.  They went into the trap anyway, and Harald was driven off.  Magnus got to go with him.  Because of course the snot with no battle experience and no actual viking blood managed to survive.

Was the battle an unqualfied success?  Well, no.  Heahmund died because, I am guessing, they can’t afford to pay Jonthan Rhys Meyers anymore.  Lagertha disappeared too.  And Alfred learned his brother almost betrayed him because brothers always betray brothers on Vikings.  Try some sisters once in a while…


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