Doctor Who “Inferno Part 4”

Look, at this point, I think it is safe to assume that drilling below the Earth’s crust is a really bad idea.

That is what the Doctor is trying to convince, oh, everybody.  Nobody listens to him that counts in the Counter-Earth, and the people who do listen to him in the regular world can’t find him.

By the by, is it me or does every fictional universe have an alternate reality where the Nazis are in charge?  I’ve heard the Nazi version of Gilmore Girls is especially horrific.

So, the Doctor does manage to get the computer fixed with a little help from Fascist Liz, and he even makes some headway in convincing her he is who he says he is by asking questions that only a close friend would ask.  Sure, this Liz is a security officer, but did she ever want to be a scientist?  Magic 8-Ball suggests yes, and this mysterious Doctor clearly knows too much to be a stranger.  So, good news, she is inclined to believe he isn’t a foreign spy.

Bad news:  she is inclined to believe he’s some radical “free speech” advocate or something.

And then comes the interrogation when she and the Brigade-Leader just shout questions at the Doctor while shining a light in his face.  He’s dealt with worse, and worse may be the fact that no matter what universe you are in, Professor Stahlman is a stubborn fool who has probably be infected by the werewolf monster men.  He’s wearing gloves, and one hand in particular has a bandage on underneath, but you can’t fool me because I think I saw some green around his thumb.

Point is, the Doctor gets tossed in the clink, and there’s a monster man sleeping under a blanket in the next cell over.

And then we cut back to normal reality and see Liz and the Brigadier looking into Stahlman and maybe trying to stop him, but they don’t seem to have the authority to do so…yet.

And in Fascist World, the Doctor learns a bit more about the monster men when one wakes up, kills a guard, and even bends the steel bars to the Doctor’s own cell.  Fortunately, the dead guard left the door to the other cell open and the Doctor can slip around the monster man and lock it inside the now double-sized cell, but seeing as how it bent steel bars before, I don’t quite see how this can work.

It does for the time being as the Doctor sneaks into the back of a truck and even finds what looks like a radiation suit to wear as a disguise.  That gets him smuggled back into the control room where he tries, in  vain, to turn off the drill just as the countdown is nearly complete.  And he still gets caught by the Brigade-Leader just as the countdown reaches 1…


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