Watson Reviews: Triple Frontier (Spoiler Free)

A lot of bigger Netflix movies trade on maybe one decent sized name and some folks who are past their prime. This one has a lot of big names who are still starring in big movies.

This warrants investigation…


Five former special forces head to South America on a mission one of them scopes out while working contract work for the a South American government.

Instead of turning the narco into the authorities, the five decide to kill the drug kingpin and take hundreds of millions of dollars.  Obviously, his associates are not happy with this development.

As the crew tries to escape the country, things go south and they have to fight their way out while carrying a metric shit ton of cash.


  • Holy crap, that cast! Ben Affleck (Daredevil), Oscar Isaac (The Force Awakens), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) in a movie I saw opening week while sitting on my couch?!? The acting was solid and the cast has great chemistry as unit with a long history.  This might be the richest cast I have seen in a Netflix original.
  • How Much Is Enough? The protagonists have to make some interesting moral choices along the way. These guys are heroes roped into a dark world where they have to figure out what really matters when it comes to landing one big score that cane change their lives.  As the stakes escalate, they have to decide how much they really need all the money they are hauling across the country.
  • Do we take care of our own?  The film makes you consider a very important question: do we take care of our warriors.  The choices these guys make along the way are more interesting because these guys were the best of the best in their profession; special forces. One of the crew notes that if anyone else was as accomplished in their fields as these guys were in war. It is a statement on how America has treated its veterans in general in an era of endless wartime.


  • Full on brah! The testosterone is a little thick and I don’t this one passed the Betchel test.  It gets a little macho at times, so you have to be prepared for it to get thick.
  • It’s a little dry at times. There were a couple of really slow moments when all you have is brah conversation. They were few and far between, thankfully. The dry moments are surrounded with good action and interesting moral dilemmas.
  • Some of the dialogue was heavy handed. The best moments in the film were subtle in nature. If only the script had stuck to those moments instead of hitting us over the head with clunky exposition.  I almost wish this movie had been as sparing with dialogue as A Quiet Place.


A nice film! I enjoyed the action and the cast chemistry. It has its flaws, but this is worth watching.  The film definitely earned 6 of my $15 from Netflix this month.

Overall, I give Triple Frontier a score of 8 “Bags of cash” out of 10.

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