Watson Reviews: The Last Laugh (Spoiler Free)

I have avoided the early year Netflix films this year after SO many bad films last year. This latest flick with two A-list blue hairs seems to be worthy of an exception. WHAT IT’S ABOUT:

A former talent agent moves into the same assisted living facility with one of his old comedian clients.

Faced with the specter of death, the pair go on one last tour of small venues around the country as they recapture past glory.


  • The leads have chemistry. Chevy Chase (Vacation) and Richard Dreyfus (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) have a nice rapport. This was surprising since I typically don’t like Chase anymore. His diva activity has been so publicized in the last decade or so that it is hard to imagine ANYONE liking him. But Oscar winner Dreyfus either has a high tolerance or he’s still a great actor in faking it.
  • It’s an interesting look at aging. I am still young enough that I’m not thinking about my own decline. But as my parents enter their retirement years, it crosses my mind. This film captures some of the things you start to think about when the part of life slaps you in the face; it was well handled.
  • It’s one of the good Netflix movies. This movie had some real heart. I like the small films getting premium treatment in streaming.


  • Why does the female lead need to be 15 years younger? 
  • It’s not my movie. The comedy skewers older, so I am not the target audience. I texted my mom during the movie (I was watching with my 16 year old son) and gave her my Netflix password.
  • There was some corniness. Most specifically in the “outside my demo” is the corny and thin jokes. We aren’t talking A list script, but still charming.


This was a movie that could have been released to art house or low budget expectations some years before. This is the kind of movie that Netflix should produce more of.

Overall, I give The Last Laugh a score of 8 “Bags of Weed” out of 10.

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