Merlin “The Eye of the Phoenix”

Well, it must be time for Arthur to go on a quest.  It’s that or another tournament.  That is how these things work.

But this is a special quest, something where Arthur has to go somewhere on his own and bring back…something that comes to him in a vision.  And what will it be?  He’s going to go get the Golden Trident of the Fisher King.  The Fisher King was a long dead magician who may have become immortal, his land sorta cursed, and his Trident a hell of a prize.

So, everyone is happy for all that except for, you know, Morgana, but she does give Arthur a token in the form of a jeweled bracelet.

That sort of thing makes Merlin suspicious since, you know, he knows Morgana is evil.  Some research tells him that Arthur’s token is the “Eye of the Pheonix,” a magical booby trap that slowly drains the life out of whoever wears the silly things.  And Arthur has already left.

That means Merlin has to follow him.

But Merlin isn’t stupid.  He knows he needs help.  Arthur doesn’t know he needs help.  He tells a mystical bridgekeeper just outside the Fisher King’s realm as much despite the fact that…wait, it’s Warwick Davis.  Why wouldn’t you listen to Warwick Davis?

Anyway, Merlin goes for help and that means going to a tavern and finding a bar fight because that’s where the guy he needs is.  Yes, he’s getting help from Gwaine.

Woo hoo!

And Warwick Davis says the two of them are the missing elements from Arthur’s quest.

Good thing too.  He’s just about dead.  Morgana looks really happy about that despite the fact that, you know, Uther the Childkiller is the person she should have a grudge against.  All that joy catches Gwen’s attention, and Gwen notices Morgana is doing magic-stuff.  So, she goes off to tell Gaius because, you know, that could be a problem, but at least Merlin has another potential ally when he gets home.

He has two and a half more series in the show.  He has to get home.

Well, fortunately, Gwaine and Merlin find Arthur and they fight some wyverns, get to the Fisher King’s castle, and Merlin gets closed off in a room with the long-missing King as the other two are left to fight monsters.  And the Fisher King…holy crap!  It’s Maester Luwan!

Anyway, Fisher King reveals the quest was actually for Merlin and he gives Merlin some water from the Lake of Avalon.  Can Merlin give him something in return?  Sure.  He still has that Eye of the Phoenix which will finally let the old man die.

So, Merlin secretly gets some water.  Arthur gets the Trident.  Gwaine gets to hang around with a guy he thinks will someday be a good king.  Gwaine departs because he’s still banished from Camelot.  Merlin has to pretend Arthur went alone.  And everyone is happy because another quest was successfully completed.

You know, except Morgana.  But she’s the villain now.


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