Doctor Who “Inferno Part 3”

Oh boy!  Parallel universe!  Evil doubles!  I can’t…

…wait, we aren’t quite there yet.

I mean, we do get there this episode.  But first, we need to see what happened to the Doctor from the point of view of both Liz and the Brigadier, both of whom saw him simply fade from view and conclude that Professor Stahlman cutting the power is responsible.  Stahlman doesn’t disagree, but he doesn’t show sympathy either, largely because he just doesn’t quite understand what the two of them are talking about, and since neither Liz nor the Brigadier can quite explain it, well…

And Stahlman is taking to wearing gloves to hide the fact his hands are turning green and he doesn’t want people to know he can’t just wipe the stuff off.  That’s a problem.

OK, so, where did the Doctor go?  Well, he doesn’t see much difference at first, just that the door to his temporary workspace is locked a bit tighter than usual.

Oh, and then people start shooting at him when he takes Bessie out.

And the uniforms are different.

And there are more of those green-gray monster guys running around.  Heck, he seems to kill one with a fire extinguisher.  Not that he clocks the monster over the head with it or something, but he kills it with the actual foam.

And then he sees Liz, and she pulls a gun on him.  He doesn’t quite get it, even when he’s taken to the Brigadier, who here is a clean-shaven man with an eyepatch using the title “Brigade-Leader”.

You know, you’d think the Doctor would figure it out sooner that since everyone had changed their clothes–heck, Liz has different colored hair–that he was in a parallel universe where Big Brother may be watching you for realsies.  But he does figure it out in his usual understated sort of way and realizes his only hope not to get shot, and maybe stop the drilling experiment which has dug down quite a bit deeper in this world than it did from back home is to bluff his way out by, among other things, naming all the names he knows.  Even the one that in this world died in a traffic accident.

Or a “traffic accident”.

Could go either way, really.

Lousy fascists…

As it is, Stahlman here is just as determined to avoid shutting down a dangerous experiment despite any Doctor’s warnings.  And why not since the computer here seems to have been sabotaged in the same way as the one back home?  So, when things go crazy and the Brigade-Leader is ordering people not to leave their posts no matter how much green goo or smoke is coming from machines, the Doctor tries to sneak forward to effect some repairs, only to be stopped by a man with a gun.

That tends to stop a lot of people.

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