Comic Review: DC Rebirth Batman Volume 6

It’s been a bit too long since I read a Tom King-written Batman trade.  I just love what that guy does with my favorite superhero.

Anyway, here’s the sixth volume of the current series, subtitled Bride or Burglar?

Volume Six of the series mostly focuses on seven issues of quick stories, two one shots and a pair of multi-parters.  The first issue, one of the one shots, is a quick mystery that says a bit about how others might see Bruce Wayne, but after that we see Batman and Wonder Woman go to fight an endless horde of demons in another dimension, and then a three-parter where Poison Ivy manages to take over the minds of everyone in the world except for Batman and Catwoman.  And, in the final issue, Catwoman meditates on her ever-changing look while going shopping for a wedding dress in a way that only Catwoman could.

Tom King has what I consider a good grasp on the Batman character, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of what Batman has been over the many decades of the character’s existence.  That’s the sort of thing I generally dig.  King’s Batman is a good detective with a long history of sometimes really weird stuff.  And he’s in love.  While the multiple stories in this volume may not be particularly well-connected, there is a running theme in it as both Bruce and Selina wonder if the marriage will work out.  They’re in love, committed to each other, but they aren’t sure about a long term relationship, and considering who they both are and their respective histories, there is good reason for the two to be wary.

And yeah, I do know how the wedding in the next volume turns out.  I am not always good at avoiding spoilers.

At any rate, this was fun.  Fun s good enough for me, especially as Wonder Woman admits she has a pet at home…and what kind of pet she has is something else entirely.  9 out of 10 punched-out speedsters.

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