Doctor Who “The Ambassadors Of Death Part 5”

Well, the Doctor found a dead man but didn’t hear the loud radioactive hissing coming from the alien in the spacesuit waiting behind the room’s door.  These aliens can kill anyone with a simple touch, and this one has already killed Sir James and wrecked the stuff he had in the safe.  How will the Doctor survive?

The Brigadier will conveniently come in behind the alien and shoot it a couple times.  Sure, the creature is bulletproof, but the Doctor can warn the Brigadier not to let it touch him, and that may not work from the random UNIT redshirt who runs in after the Brigadier, but it makes the point and the two main characters survive as the alien leaves the way it came.

So, what now?  Well, the Doctor insists on taking the rescue rocket to get the human astronauts back from space, but now that General Carrington insists the Doctor can’t, with Sir James dead, there’s no one to override the space center’s personnel.  Smart move, aliens.

So, Carrington is involved in the plot to kidnap the aliens, right?  I mean, someone knows something, and we’re running out of suspects to be telling Reegan what to do.  Besides, Reegan has stupid people working for him as the guy he assigned to keep an eye on Liz lets Professor Lennox go when he and Liz figure out a simple ploy.  See, technically, no one is holding Lennox prisoner, so he can, again theoretically, come and go as he pleases.  So, when Liz and Lennox make it look like the radiation that keeps the aliens alive is going down, Lennox leaves under the pretense that he needs some more plutonium or something.  I hear Libyan terrorists use that stuff if he can just make his way to Hill Valley in the year 1985.  This is a time travel show, so I suspect that can work.

Instead, Lennox goes to UNIT looking for protection, only for someone to poison him or something with some more radioactive stuff.

That guy had a military uniform on, too.

Carrington has the most rank for these other soldiers, you know.  They would obviously listen to him.

Anyway, the Doctor is getting ready for blast-off, and he’s getting impatient waiting, but there’s a commotion as someone tries to damage the fuel supply, leading the Brigadier to spring into action to try and stop it.

It somehow doesn’t stop the launch, but the Doctor is a genius, so he can compensate for differing amounts of fuel and soon reaches the orbital shuttle that should have the missing astronauts on board.

But some other space ship, a bright UFO, shows up outside the Doctor’s window.  It looks like a glowing eye.  Did it come from Mars, too?  I mean, I don’t think Ice Warriors fly in those sorts of things…


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