Doctor Who “The Ambassadors Of Death Part 4”

OK, so, the captured aliens wearing the space suits apparently are highly radioactive and seem to communicate in some high pitched squeals.

So, probably not Ice Warriors…

But that’s another problem for another day.  Right now, Liz has been captured by whoever has kidnapped the aliens that aren’t astronauts.  She even recognizes the scientist tasked with keeping the aliens alive, a man named Lennox, who really doesn’t want to be there either.  He does help Liz sneak out, and when she flags down a car to hitchhike the hell out of there, she’s caught again because it’s that bearded scientist with the gun who takes her in.

I’m still trying to figure that guy out.  He’s got a weird accent that makes me think he’s from a different country every episode he appears in.

Moot point.  He’s dead by the end of this one.

See, the Doctor was asking him to come clean about being a double agent, something the Doctor only figures on intuition, so the scientist goes to see Reegan, the man who is holding Liz and Lennox, and Reegan gives him a suitcase bomb to kill the Doctor with.  Reegen just lies about how long the timer is set for, and it blows up Bearded Scientist Guy instead.  The Doctor is fine since he was on the other side of the room at the time.

As it is, the Doctor is mostly insisting that a rocket go up to rescue the three human astronauts who are almost certainly still in orbit.  The head guy at the space center, Cornish, seems to agree, but his superior Sir James and General Carrington are blocking it, claiming a lack of funding, but really, they think something bad will happen on Earth if anyone goes into space.  The Doctor has even volunteered to go himself since he has a lot of experience going into space with more advanced form of travel than anything the space center has to offer.

But that just means Reegan has Liz and Lennox build a device to communicate with the aliens, telling them if they don’t go do something, they’ll have their radiation supply cut off, and the aliens need that to, you know, live.  So, while Liz and Lennox work on a device to translate messages from the aliens back to a human language, one of the spacesuit-wearing space men goes to the space center, is of course bulletproof, and kills anyone he comes in contact with through a simple physical touch, getting through to and killing Sir James.

The Doctor finds Sir James slumped over and dead on his desk and goes to check the man out.  He doesn’t see the alien waiting behind the door, and apparently doesn’t hear the hissing sound the radiation makes either.

That doesn’t seem like an Ice Warrior to me…


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