Doctor Who “The Ambassadors Of Death Part 2”

So, the Doctor’s car Bessie seems to break down a good deal.  It turns out that actually comes in handy sometimes.

But see, first, we saw the Doctor and Liz go find the bearded scientist with a weird accent I can’t figure out to ask him about the message that the scientist knew more about than he let on.  That would be the guy who pulled a gun on the pair last episode.  He demands the Doctor hand over the tape, and when the Doctor holds out a hand, the tape disappears.  That would be when the Brigadier comes in and causes enough of a distraction for Mystery Accent Bearded Man to get away.  And then the Doctor makes the tape appear in his other hand.  Was it time travel?  Nah.  He says it’s simple matter transmission or something.

The Doctor is really weird.  But he does help the Brigadier interrogate the prisoner UNIT took in that warehouse firefight.  Turns out the guy won’t talk until the Doctor suddenly barks an order, causing the prisoner to snap to attention.

He’s military!  A sergeant no less!  And he didn’t shoot the Brigadier because he had orders not to!  The Doctor figured it all out…somehow.

So, as the capsule with the three astronauts starts to come down, everyone leaves the prisoner alone, only for the guy to get released by a mystery man wearing gloves.

And the bearded scientist sabotaged his own computer to prevent anyone from translating the alien message from Mars.

And I’m still gonna keep saying it’s Ice Warriors.

Though Beardy Scientist’s assistant looks a lot like a Dominator.  And he calls someone when Liz and the Doctor leave the room.

And Beardy Scientist is hiding in the office of the guy running the place.

And some guys are watching the Brigadier retrieve the capsule when he, the Doctor, and some other guys find it in the English countryside.  It’s locked from the inside and the astronauts aren’t answering.

That would be where Bessie’s engine trouble comes in handy.  The Doctor can’t travel with the truck carrying the capsule, so he misses the ambush by some armed men and a couple guys in a helicopter dropping smoke bombs on the UNIT personnel.  The truck is hijacked and the Doctor sees it coming the wrong way, so he uses Bessie to block the road, and when the two hijackers come out of the truck to push Bessie out of the way, the Doctor activates the anti-theft device.  And that magnetizes the back fender or something as the two guys are stuck to the car, allowing the Doctor to take the truck back to the space center.

And hey, the guys inside are finally responding to the radio.  But they keep asking for permission to come down…despite being on the ground.  And they keep asking for that permission no matter what questions they are asked.

They’ll have to cut through the doors!


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