Orphan Black “Beneath Her Heart”

So, let’s look at Alison, the clone who doesn’t seem to add much to the story.

Yeah, it’s easy to overlook Alison.  After Helena’s escape, Donnie was recaptured and sent home in time for their church’s fun fair where he does a highland dance in a kilt.  Yes, that comes into play later.  And while Sarah and Kira are on the outs, with Kira refusing to say anything about what Rachel does with her, Alison is being told to her face by a Neolution toady she has no value whatsoever.

Donnie does because even though he claims otherwise, everyone thinks he knows where Helena is.  Helena’s unborn twins are potentially more valuable than Kira, and since they have Helena’s medical results, she was right to leave that hospital.

This comes amid flashback to how Alison, at one time, refused to believe she was a clone until Beth sent Cosima to her front door.  Oh, and Alison was tripping balls on mushrooms that night as it is.  Donnie doesn’t do drugs.  Who did she do them with?  Her dead friend Aynsley and Aynsley’s husband.

So, Alison is feeling frustrated and goes to the fun fair early.  Donnie, on the other hand, is held up when Art and Engers show up with a search warrant to find…something.  There were some deaths Donnie was sort of involved with.  Donnie leaves for the fair after asking Art to keep Neolution pawn Engers away from the garage.  That is where the Hendrixes bury their bodies.

So, how does it all go wrong?  Well, Alison sees Aynsley’s family, and a memorial to Aynsley, so she drops some drugs into a juice bottle to drink, but then spots her old dealer and gets high.  That’s when Donnie shows up, and he figures he needs to call Sarah and Felix.  Felix goes over because he knows how this whole drug thing works.

Then Donnie drinks the drugged juice and his dance goes very bad.

And Engers goes into the garage, initially intending to simply plant evidence.  But then she sees that the concrete on the floor doesn’t quite match…

So, what to do?  Well, when Donnie collapses, Alison and Felix go out for him, and Alison tells off the crowd for drugs because, well, she sold them to a lot of people there.

And then Alison gets an idea.  She’ll take care of the whole “cops in her house thing” personally.

By going to Rachel.

With Dr. Leekie’s decomposing head.

And she points out something:  yes, there are bodies in her garage in the form of Leekie and Rudy.  But…if those bodies come to light and it goes to trial, there is no way the trial would not bring a connection to Rachel.

That’s…a damn good point.

And it works.  Rachel calls Engers off.  Even tells her to fix the garage back the way it was.

You know, you really shouldn’t mess with Alison Hendrix.

Now, what’s Kira doing with that mouse?

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