Doctor Who “The Ambassadors Of Death Part 1”

So, the Doctor has removed the TARDIS’ control panel and set it up in his lab, reminding the home viewer what show he or she is watching.  There’s some hi-jinks here as he attempts to fix the time travel switches and ends up beaming first Liz and them himself 15 seconds into the future.  Wacky stuff indeed.

But hold on, there is a main plot.  Namely, a ship with a pair of astronauts is returning from Mars, but no one has been able to speak to the two guys onboard, so a second ship was sent up to check on them mid-flight.

Mars?  Don’t Ice Warriors come from Mars?  No wonder they had problems.

However, when the third astronaut gets to the ship in space, something is opening the hatch from the other side and…a loud noise comes out, deafening all the people in the control room, and getting the Doctor’s attention as he and Liz watch from their UNIT lab.  And the Doctor thinks he’s heard it before…

Ice Warriors maybe?  They used sonic attacks.

OK, it doesn’t look like Ice Warriors, but I’m sticking to that theory until told otherwise.

Anyway, the Doctor and Liz go out to the space center, the Doctor explains the loud tone is a message, is unsurprised when a second one arrives because no one answered the first one, and eventually the Brigadier vouches for the Doctor enough to get the space center guys to listen to him.  And when a third tone comes along, that leads the Doctor to point out that if the first two were a message, the third was a reply…from Earth…and nearby.

That leads the Brigadier to take some UNIT soldiers and get in a fire fight in a nearby warehouse before the guy in charge surrenders.

And then the Doctor and Liz go to talk to the space center’s head scientist, someone who like many other people in this new era of the show doesn’t trust a man without a name, and when they find this scientist, he pulls a gun on them, ending the episode.

So, Ice Warriors is still a possibility, right?


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