Doctor Who “Doctor Who And The Silurians Part 7”

Well, that ended badly.

Oh, not for me.  I liked the episode.

Yes, let’s talk the Doctor’s general morality, shall we?

See, the Silurians captured the Doctor to find out if the cure could be stopped (nope!) and then to force him to help them power a machine of theirs that would destroy the Van Allen Belt, thereby making the Earth too hot for humans to continue living on.  Liz called it death by sunburn.  Sure, lizard people like the Silurians would be fine, but the humans would be gone.  That’s genocide, and that’s wrong.

But the Doctor is smarter than that, tricks the Silurians except for the leader to go back into hibernation for 50 years or so, and then when he goes down, the young Silurian tries to attack him only for the Brigadier to shoot that rotten lizard.  Still, the Doctor would like to try studying the Silurians, trying still to make peace and see if both the humans and the Silurians could live in peace on the same planet.  He and Liz head off to get some equipment, and would get back faster if Bessie wasn’t having engine trouble.  That turns out to be a good thing because the Brigadier ordered the tunnels be sealed in a rather permanent manner, and the Doctor and Liz see the explosions going off from a nearby hill.  And while Liz suggests it was probably ordered by someone above the Brigadier, something that makes sense since the Brigadier actually seems inclined to listen to the Doctor, that still doesn’t sit well with the Doctor.  He calls it murder.

So, how much does this Doctor remember about being the Second Doctor?  Because that Doctor had no problem rerouting an invasion force of genocidal aliens into the sun.

Likewise, the First Doctor suggested killing some cavemen as a way out of trouble in his very first adventure.  Now, the First Doctor was essentially learning to care again in those first few adventures and stop being a selfish jackass, but the point stands that the First Doctor didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with murder, and the Second Doctor also didn’t mind killing beings intent on genocide which was what most of the Silurians seemed to think was A-OK.  Now, granted, continuity on Doctor Who is kind of a quaint idea as it is here, but the point stands that the Doctor seems more unhappy with what happened here than he has in similar situations in the past.  Then again, the Doctor has always been about exploration and learning, so there’s that.  And he won’t exactly be quitting UNIT anytime soon, so we’ll see what if anything he does about this next time, when I think the serial involves killer astronauts.

Those are the worst kind of astronauts.


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