Vikings “Murder Most Foul”

So, I watched this whole episode and all I came away with was it seemed like a whole lot of nothing happened.

For starters, That Asshole Floki is still on That Asshole Iceland dealing with Those Asshole Settlers and not much seems to be happening there aside from Floki questioning his own sanity.  It’s about time he did.  Everyone else has probably been doing it for years.

Back in Kattegat, Ivar gets married, and even though his new wife, a woman who, like most other women on this show, must have a modern make-up kit stashed away somewhere, assures him that she can get a baby by him despite his impotence, she can’t so she secretly screws around with one his slaves to get pregnant.  Then Ivar has a dream where Crazy Margrethe kills him, so he has her killed.  Why was she rescued last week again?

Over in England, the vikings are let out of prison when Heahmund stands up for them, but he wants his old job back as bishop.  Since he was believed dead, someone else got it.  Heahmund doesn’t like that.  He really doesn’t like it when his replacement has spies watch him canoodle with Lagertha and does what a true Man of Christ would do and murders the new bishop in his own church.  So, yeah, not much happening there.

Though something I did wonder about:  yes, Ecbert’s gift of land to the vikings wasn’t good because he did that after he gave up his authority.  Alfred will honor the deal provided the vikings fight for him, but Bjorn thinks he’s being lied to.  Alfred seems too wishy-washy to be that stubborn, but then Alfred asks Ubbe to convert to Christianity and Bjorn sleeps with Alfred’s betrothed.

And I see all that and think not much happened.

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