Doctor Who “Doctor Who And The Silurians Part 5”

Man, I get the impression the Doctor might be some kind of Batman given he sometimes just pops up behind people as they are talking about him.

So, a young Silurian tells the Doctor and Major Baker that he has killed the Brigadier and some other soldiers and is going to kill the two of them with his deadly third eye.  Then an older one who is the leader of the group comes in and stops them.  The Brigadier and his forces are alive and well.  They’re just currently trapped in a cave.

But the old Silurian sees the Doctor as someone he can negotiate with, and the two go off to talk.  The Silurians, he explains, went into a hibernation when a dwarf planet came too close to the Earth, but the machines malfunctioned and they didn’t wake up until much, much later.  This tickles the Doctor:  the small planet is the moon, and everything is fine.  Maybe the Doctor can negotiate a peace and the two races can share the Earth.  After all, Silurians need heat, and there are plenty of really hot spots on the planet that are too hot for humans.  Silurians can surely build settlements there.  And, as a sign of good faith, the Doctor convinces the old Silurian to let the Brigadier and his people go.

Ah, but the young one wants a fight because sharing a planet is for losers or something.  So, he also lets Major Baker go…after infecting him with a deadly disease.

Oh, and back on the surface, Liz can’t keep a secret from the authorities that the Doctor went down ahead of them.

Now, both the Doctor and the Brigadier come back, though not at the same time.  Baker gets back before the Doctor, but the older Silurian had warned the Doctor about the disease and the Doctor convinces Baker he’s sick.  Those many, many sores on Baker’s arm are kind of a giveaway.  Baker gets sent to a hospital, and the Undersecretary is a bit dizzy…uh-oh.

Still, the Doctor brings news of possible peace, but unfortunately he doesn’t know the young Silurian murdered the friendlier old one and took his job.

But then the Doctor learns Baker went to a hospital, the worst place to send someone with a highly contagious mystery illness.  He and the Brigadier rush off in Bessie only to see the first victim die of the mystery plague right outside the hospital…


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