Comic Review: Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye Volume 1

I was doing a little research for a future Misplaced Hero entry when I came across an interesting tidbit that while DC Comics had several explorer-adventurer type of heroes back in the 50s and 60s, only one of them never got his own series.  That was Cave Carson.  He explored caves.  Obviously.

Well, that isn’t true any longer as DC’s Young Animal imprint gave him one called Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye.  I figured I should give the first volume, subtitled Going Underground, a shot.

The series picks up with Cave at a funeral for his wife Eileen.  His college-aged daughter Chloe is more or less uninterested in exploring the various weird worlds of the underground, and Cave himself is mostly training the next generation of explorers at his employer’s company of EBX.  He does have a cybernetic eye, an organ that he didn’t necessarily seek out but implanted itself in his head, and it does allow him to see things but mostly acts as a distraction while occasionally blunting the effects of hallucinogens.

Yeah, let me just say right now, this is a pretty trippy series.  The Young Animal imprint generally does more mature reader friendly stuff in the setting of DC’s superhero universe, so during the course of this adventure, Cave, Chloe, and their special friend Wild Dog do take some hallucinogenic drugs for reasons other than just getting high.

But Cave is the hero here, a guy who gets by mostly by just knowing stuff and if he really has to, getting Superman on speed-dial, a trick that is much harder when the hero is deep underground.

As for this one, Cave gets a message from an underground civilization telling him they need Chloe.  Why?  Well, they never told her Eileen was actually a princess from said underground civilization.  And it turns out that there’s something evil at the heart of EBX that comes from deep underground as well…

This was fun.  Young Animal creator Gerard Way co-wrote this one with Jon Rivera, with nice and appropriate artwork from long time creator Michael Avon Oeming.  Cave Carson may have finally got his own solo series, but he got one that fits the character in a unique and cool way.

That said, there was also a really weird Wonder Twins back-up story, and I wasn’t sure where that was going.  Heck, I had trouble reading it with the tiny text in many of the world balloons.  So, that hurt a bit.  8 out of 10 disappointing former sidekicks.

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