Orphan Black “Clutch Of Greed”

Ferdinand begins the episode by asking Sarah if she will behave herself from now on.

I’m guessing he hasn’t been paying attention.

So, here’s the deal so far.  Rachel will offer Sarah freedom…more or less.  Engers is holding Art and Alison at Alison’s house.  Cosima isn’t leaving the island.  Sarah can have Kira back so long as she submits to letting Dyad do some medical tests on Kira from time to time to see what makes the little girl with the mildly psychic powers tick.  Heck, they even enrolled Kira in school again.

Will Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S stand for that seemingly reasonable request?  Hell no.  This deal stinks.  So, they decide to make their own deal with a little help from the dying M.K.  Sarah will go to Kira’s school posing as Rachel on the first day Rachel is supposed to pick up Kira and then hustle both of them to some of Mrs. S’s contacts who will take them out of town to a permanent new life.

Sounds like a plan, right?  What could go wrong?

Kira refuses to go.

She wants to know why she is the way she is.

And if Kira won’t go, then nobody will go.

Of course, M.K. stayed behind in the Rachel costume to give Sarah more cover.  And Ferdinand found her, a man she robbed.  And he kills her.  Brutally.  Part of that was due to sexual frustration because Rachel decided she doesn’t like degrading S&M play anymore.

So, Rachel fires him.

In other plot developments, Cosima meets P.T. Westmorland, who looks pretty spry for 170.

And in the hospital, Helena is perfectly healed as are her twins after taking an arrow to the belly.  But then she gets suspicious of the doctor, runs the needle through the woman’s face, pinning her to the bed, and leaves the hospital.  Is the doctor Neolution?  Enough other people are.  I have no idea.

But the best moment of the episode was when Donnie found out and as nonchalantly as possible walked away from the panicked medical personnel looking over the doctor stuck to the bed.

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