Doctor Who “Doctor Who And The Silurians Part 3”

So, will we finally get a good look at a Silurian this time?

Yes, briefly, at the end of the episode when the Doctor meets one.

What, you thought we’d see it when Liz spotted the same one in the barn?  Don’t be silly.  This episode was produced in 1970 and she’s still got the whole “being a woman” problem.

But hey, Liz screaming and fainting appears to have scared the unseen creature away (and she’s supposed to be a more progressive female lead), leading the Doctor and the Brigadier to scour the countryside in Bessie looking for it.  But the mysterious Doctor Quinn, still not a medicine woman and not really all that mysterious, beats them finding the lone creature with help from a summoning device he got from his unseen partners.  So, you’d think Dr. Quinn would be helping, but he isn’t and thinks he can blackmail his unseen partners by holding onto the missing member of their race.  Now, the Doctor did hear the tone, and he and the Brigadier did find some tracks similar to what the dinosaur had, only smaller and more for a biped, going to some tire tracks.

And Dr. Quinn is acting awfully secretive.

Hey, the only thing to do is break into his office and look for clues!  Liz finds a small globe, but the continents are all lumped together.  The Doctor realizing the globe represents…the Silurian era!

That’s a real thing.  Look it up.

And our potential nonhuman antagonists have a name.

Of course, the Doctor tries to convince Quinn to stop being so secretive, and he’s not subtle about it, but that doesn’t work.

And Quinn’s superiors and partners at the lab, who may or may not know about the Silurians, are really starting to wonder why some guy with no name is wandering around loose.

So, the Doctor decides to go back to Quinn’s very warm house and try again, finding the summoning device, and using it to call…some kind of lizard person!

That’s probably the Silurian.


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