American Horror Story “Go To Hell”

Is this story over yet?  I so do not care who becomes the next Supreme.

Plus, it looks like the Laveau/LaLaurie plot line is finished.  Queenie took care of it.  After finding Delphine acting as a tour guide to her own house–Delphine had murdered another tour guide and took her place because that’s always how it worked–Queenie stabbed Delphine in the heart and killed her.  Why did it work this time?  Well, Queenie did find Papa Legba, and the weird Loa explained Delphine couldn’t die so long as Laveau still lived, and Laveau couldn’t die as long as she kept making her annual sacrifices.  Queenie then pointed out a dismembered Laveau wouldn’t be able to do anything next year, Legba gave her a smile and agreed, so neither woman was immortal anymore.  Legba met them both in Hell.  Laveau has to torture Delphine’s daughter for all eternity, and Laveau liked to think she never harmed anyone who never harmed her (except all those babies and innocents she sacrificed every year…oops), and Delphine has to watch, so that acts as torture for both of them.

But that was the interesting part of the episode, plus seeing Queenie’s personal Hell is her still working at the fast food chicken place where even Legba gets harassed by impatient customers.

Then there’s the rest of the episode.

Madison thinks she should be the new Supreme.  Who cares?

Zoe comes back after leaving last episode, convinced she should be the new Supreme.  Who cares?

Cordelia and Queenie dig Misty up, since a lot of people think Misty should be the new Supreme.  Who cares?

Queenie was told by Cordelia that Queenie was set to take the test of the Seven Wonders to see if Queenie is the next Supreme.  Who cares?  Heck, Queenie doesn’t.

And Cordelia, blind again, found her second sight returned when she touched a pendant from Fiona, showing Fiona in the future murdered all the other witches.  That sounds about right.

But then the Axeman got his heartbroken and killed Fiona himself (or so he says), so the witches recreated his original death with some handy kitchen cutlery.

But Cordelia says they need a new Supreme, so everyone has to take the test of the Seven Wonders.

I really don’t care.  It’s all so self-serious and ponderous, and this show is pretty much by design ridiculous.  I really can’t bring myself to care if anyone becomes the new Supreme.  I might need to take a break from this show when Coven ends.

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