Doctor Who “Doctor Who And The Silurians Part 1”

Oh boy!  The Silurians!  That sounds like a neat new race for the Doctor to meet and…they don’t appear in this particular episode.


Instead, we open with two guys in a cave, something makes some noise, and when they go off to investigate, something kills one of the two and causes the other to collapse.

But enough of that.  Really, it was just the short prologue.  We have to get back to UNIT HQ where the Doctor is assembling a bright yellow roadster he calls Bessie.  I suppose if you can’t travel by police box, a bright yellow roadster will do in a pinch.  And the car works since the Doctor and Liz are called to see the Brigadier, who is off overseeing an investigation over mysterious happenings at some sort of underground facility that probably involves two guys seeing something in a cave.

Are there Silurians down there?  The serial title is promising me some Silurians.

Regardless, there is something sketchy going on.  The head of the project, something that promises a new way to use nuclear energy to produce electricity, is one Dr. Quinn, and sadly, he is not a medicine woman.  Now, I can’t be the first person to make that joke since this episode first aired, and I won’t be the last, but I made it all the same thankyouverymuch.  At any rate, the Doctor is a little concerned because of the whole “experimental nuclear power generation” thing, and he isn’t happy to have misplaced his sonic screwdriver. Then again, Quinn’s chief of security is a little concerned some guy without a name or any records is walking around and possibly looking to disassemble the machinery, so there’s a right to be concerned all around.

But there are some suspicious things happening to all three of the UNIT people,  Liz gets a sudden headache, and a bad one, around some of the machinery.

The Brigadier notices some problems with the paperwork.

The Doctor notices even more, but it turns out one of the guys from the tunnel lived, and when the Doctor goes to see the fellow, he’s a madman drawing stuff on the walls of his hospital room.  He even attacks the Doctor!  And then when there’s a test of the equipment, more personnel are hit with sudden bad headaches and the Doctor himself needs to act fast to prevent a disaster.

Now, the Brigadier would like to believe the Doctor’s stuff points to something, such as how the mad man’s drawings seemed to be of some kind of lizard person, but he needs something that can’t be explained away.  That leads the Doctor to check out that tunnel from the beginning of the episode by himself.  And while he’s down there, he gets attacked by a dinosaur.

Is the dinosaur a Silurian?  I don’t know.  The episode ended there.


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