Doctor Who “Spearhead From Space Part 2”

Aw man!  Killer manikins!

Yeah, apparently, killer manikins are an actual thing.  But this is Doctor Who, so of course this is a thing.

As it is, no, the Doctor isn’t dead one episode into his new face.  No, the bullet grazed his skull and left him in a coma.  A really, really thorough coma.  The kind where the brain does jack spit and the medical doctor type looking over the unconscious Time Lord says it looks like the Doctor put himself into a coma for no known medical reason.  He did have the TARDIS’ key in his hand, and the Brigadier takes it with him now that the TARDIS is set up in Liz’s lab.

And then the Doctor wakes up, swipes some clothes from a rather fussy medical doctor and an open-topped roadster because his watch homes right in on the TARDIS.  Will the Brigadier give the Doctor the key back?  Well, if the Doctor helps him with the meteor mystery.

Yes, these meteors keep landing, and aside from one taken by some old guy living in a house by the woods, the others were recovered by these mostly silent guys working out of a baby doll factory making killer manikins.

Still an actual thing here apparently.

As it is, the Doctor reluctantly agrees and looks over the only evidence that UNIT has and determines it was a casing to something, and it seems to be made out of plastic.  Liz had already realized that the plastic in question didn’t seem to come from a human source, even though Liz still doesn’t believe in aliens.  You know, despite the fact the Doctor can put himself into a coma, seems to lack human blood, and may have two hearts.

But the Doctor does accomplish one thing:  he actually charmed Liz.


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