Simpsons Did It!: “I’m Dancing As Fat As I Can”

Well, Homer and Marge are having marital problems again.

They’ll get over it.

It’s a normal night at the Simpson household when a call comes in, telling Marge that her Aunt Eunace is dying.  She has to fly out of town immediately.  Homer barely manages to hide his glee that yet another mean old woman in Marge’s family is dying, but Marge has one request:  Homer must refrain from watching a Stranger Things-like show on Netflix despite the fact it is dropping new episodes while Marge is out of town.  Marge finds watching with Homer is symbolic of the love they have for each other, and that’s the saddest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Well, Homer promises.  And he tries.  He really, really, really tries.  But his kids are watching the show.  And so, it seems, is everybody in town.  And everyone who isn’t watching the show is talking about the show wherever Homer goes.  And even Netflix’s chief content officer and guest star Ted Sarandos comes on Homer’s screen to tell him to watch the show.  Homer doesn’t know who Sarandos is, and he keeps popping back onto the show to give Homer unwanted advice.  Homer could watch Bojack Horseman if he wants to, but that’s depressing, and Marge likes Scandinavian mysteries with full nudity, but Homer knows that nudity is story-related and therefore OK.  Finally, he breaks down and watches the show.

And then Marge comes home and gets really mad at him.  It turns out Patty and Selma picking out a not-quite-dead-woman’s stuff for themselves can lead to complete recovery.

Fortunately, Sarandos comes on again to tell Homer that Marge loves dance shows, so he figures he can learn how to dance to get Marge to forgive him, something he says he can’t do.  And indeed, his lessons don’t exactly point to someone who knows how to dance, but I could have sworn Homer was a  very accomplished dancer.

Does continuity mean nothing to this show?

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Bart enters a contest to go on a toy run at one of Krusty’s store with a prize where whatever kids ends up with the most toys in his cart wins the pile.  His competition is Milhouse and Ralph.  Bart releases a butterfly to distract Ralph and breathes hard to fog Milhouse’s glasses.  Does it work?  No.  Milhouse and Bart collide with each other and barrels of Krusty-brand slime, at which point Ralph pops up and takes both their carts to claim the prize.  Bart and Milhouse get a runner’s up prize of paddle balls, something Krusty insists every kid wants most, and it’s Krusty, so he doesn’t care much that Milhouse’s is already broken.

But the boys are playing with them for the rest of the episode, so that’s something.

Oh, and Homer’s dancing works.

And for some reason, Maggie was wrestling an owl at one point.

Can you believe this show got renewed for two more seasons?  I can’t.


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