Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #210: Sebastian Faust

Well, I think I am finally running out of Outsiders.  Most of the past Outsiders I’ve covered in the past few weeks were members of the original team from the 80s, but DC did a revival of the group in the 90s.  Geo-Force was back as leader, Halo had a new body, and Looker became a vampire.  As far as new members go, there was a rich industrialist billionaire in a high tech suit of armor called Technocrat (yes, he does sound a lot like Iron Man), and Wylde, Technocrat’s body guard who had been merged with a wild bear.  Who merged Wylde with the bear?

That would be one Sebastian Faust.

Sebastian Faust was a magician who gained his powers when his soul was sold to a demon.  Oh, he didn’t sell his own soul.  That would be less tragic.  No, his father attempted to sell Sebastian’s soul to a demon in exchange for power, and because it was a demon, the demon gave the power to Sebastian instead of his father.

Who was his father?  Longtime Justice League foe Felix Faust.

This guy in the funky headpiece.

Now, the 90s Outsiders run may not be the most memorable.  Most of the new members went away when the series ended.  Heck, it looks like Wylde lost the ability to speak and was put in the zoo.  Halo’s new body was actually Technocrat’s evil ex-wife, and in that body she actually romanced Faust a bit because he was kinda evil with those demon-based magic powers and Halo is perennially innocent.  It probably made things awkward with Technocrat…and I am not doing Technocrat next week.  I have other plans, and there’s, like, two pictures of the guy in Google Images.

Now, Faust was something of an exception in that he seems to be the guy DC writers use when they have to toss a wizard into a story but don’t want to use one of the more recognizable ones.  As such, Faust seems to join teams that don’t appear very often.  For example, DC’s Day of Judgment crossover featured the company’s magical heroes forming a group called the Sentinels of Magic with Faust as a member.

Here they are.  Faust is in the back.  By the by, I love this panel where Zatanna promises the Sentinels of Magic will always be there when they’re needed but I am pretty sure this was the team’s only appearance.

It should be noted that Day of Judgment featured Faust gaining and then losing his soul in short order.

A bit later, Faust held the position of “rook” in DC’s chess-based spy organization Checkmate,  His job was to make sure Checkmate’s headquarters didn’t get cursed or something.

Most recently, Faust had the “bad boy” role in a series called Mystik U where Zatanna and other DC magical heroes were re-imagined as high schoolers learning how to use magic.

So, yeah, that does it for the Outsiders.  Come back next week when I cover a forgotten weird sidekick.

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