Merlin “Goblin’s Gold”

So, the actor who plays Gaius is always so serious on this show as befits the character.

In this episode, well, he gets to be a little silly.

So, a goblin gets loose in the castle, and of course, it is Merlin’s fault.  He went looking for something in the library, got into a secret room, and knocked over a lead box, and out popped a goblin using the show’s so-so CGI.  And it turns out catching one of those things is hard, especially as it gets loose and starts causing trouble, making all kinds of literal and metaphorical messes.  The latter there would be how Uther loses all his hair.

So, yeah, that’s a problem.  Don’t laugh at Uther.  If he ever finds out who let the goblin out…

As it is, Merlin and Gaius do manage to corner the thing in Gaius’ lab, but it gets into Gaius and possesses him.  Merlin doesn’t seem to notice right away, but he probably should.  You know, since Gaius is suddenly interested in charging for all his remedies, getting drunk, and winning arm wrestling matches.  And since he’s the trusted court physician, he convinces a lot of people to buy some kind of cure, including Uther, Gwen, and Morgana.

And then, in a tense meeting of court, all of those folks start farting very loudly.

That’s about when Merlin figures out what’s going on, but the bad news is he can’t get the goblin out of Gaius, and the goblin is quick to realize Merlin is using magic.

He’s even quicker to turn Merlin’s spellbook over to Uther and get Merlin arrested.  All Merlin can claim is Gaius is possessed, and he can’t prove that.  It’s not like someone possessed by a goblin suddenly charged all these people in the room and gave them medication that made them all gassy.

Now, Merlin is able to use magic to escape his jail cell, and Gwen at least believed Merlin’s story and hid him.  Merlin can maybe find a cure and, with Gwen’s help, get the goblin into another lead box.  Part of that involves dousing the goblin’s chest of gold with something to force it out of Gaius and then give Gaius an antidote so the old physician doesn’t die himself.  Now, it would be helpful if Merlin could get some more help, say from Arthur.  Gwen would need to go ask him, but after all that farting, she is far too embarrassed to see the man she loves.

Fortunately, Arthur isn’t completely stupid and realizes Merlin was telling the truth.  Unfortunately, he isn’t magically gifted and able to take care of a goblin, so when Gwen does see him, he’s got a donkey’s ears and voice, so the mutual embarrassment will cancel each other out.

But yeah, the plan works.  Merlin gets the goblin out of Gaius and into a box when the goblin tries to escape down Merlin’s throat, and then he can just spit the goblin into a new box.  And Gwen may have dropped the antidote, but they found the right one amongst the many fallen bottles and all is well.  Heck, Uther even believes the whole “possessed by a goblin” story now, so Merlin’s off the hook.

Now if only Arthur wouldn’t bray in public…


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