Comic Review: Doctor Aphra Volume 3

Marvel’s Star Wars line gave us a fun original character in the form of rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra.  She finds trouble and somehow gets out of it, even if it costs others more than she is willing to spend.

This habit of getting into scrapes that she barely gets out of continues in the third volume, subtitled Remastered.


Yes, as the title suggests, Aphra, who once worked for Darth Vader himself, now has a new boss in the form of her former droid assistant, the homicidal psychopath of a protocol droid Triple Zero.  Triple Zero now has complete control of a crime syndicate of his own, and he has a mission for her, one that suggests she has little choice in actually following it.  Her mission is to retrieve the droid’s original memories, lost for years.  The mission will require Aphra to work with a team of misfits that include a cyborg loyal to Triple Zero, a disgraced former law enforcement officer, his headless lover, a six-armed sharpshooter, and a droid that sprouts poetry.  Aphra will need to work hard because this job will take her to former Confederacy labs, a Rebel training center, and an Imperial mad scientist’s space-based lair.  And all the while, a disgraced Imperial officer is on Aphra’s tail for…reasons.

So, here’s the thing:  this story seemed a bit rote at this point.  Aphra gets in trouble, stuff explodes, and various oddballs and weirdos may or may not get out of it alive.  She feels guilty but doesn’t really change in any significant way.  There is a new twist as it gets into Aphra’s love life, such as it is, but that didn’t add much to the overall narrative for me.  I think perhaps when writer Kieron Gillen moved Triple Zero and his equally murderous counterpart BeeTee into the background, making them more like minor supporting characters, the series lost a bit of its charm.  Aphra’s new team isn’t around long enough to make much of an impression, and it doesn’t look like they will be hanging out with her again anytime soon.

Then again, I said the same thing about the droids after the last volume.  I don’t know, maybe this story just didn’t work as well for me.  7.5 out of 10 small exploding animals.


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