American Horror Story “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks”

Oh, what the hell is this…?

Look, we only have a few episodes left of this whole Coven thing, and I’m still not sure what the main plot is supposed to be.  Is it Fiona’s dying?  The search for a new Supreme, something I can’t say I care about at all?  Is it the witch hunters?

I mean, Fiona and Marie cast a spell this episode to ruin the witchhunters financially after Marie fesses up about what she did when she hired Hank, and that leads Fiona to slap the holy hell out of…Cordelia?  For marrying him and “being blind” and not the woman who sent Hank their way?

And then there’s some stuff about how Marie gets her immortality from Papa Legba which should be cool.  One thing American Horror Story does well is give recognizable actors really crazy roles to play, and here we have Lance Reddick, normally a guy for playing tall, stern authority figures, done up in all kinds of crazy make-up and costume as a voodoo loa spirit, one that demands an innocent for this year’s sacrifice, who tells Fiona he can’t have her soul because she doesn’t have one, and then Fiona and Marie drown Nan in a bathtub instead of the baby Marie stole from a hospital.  That should be the sort of stuff this weird-ass show does so well.

Or even something about how Nan has mind control and, upon learning Joan Ramsey had her dead son Luke cremated, thus preventing resurrection, forces the nasty woman to drink bleach.

Or how Madison clocked Misty in a New Orleans cemetery and had her buried alive because Madison is so sure she’s the next Supreme (again, who cares?).

All this could have made for the usual fun and weird episode of this show.

But then Stevie Nicks shows up as herself for an extended cameo.  She’s also a witch, and she does some Stevie Nicks stuff to the general delight of Misty and…

You know what?  I don’t much care.

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