Titans “Doom Patrol”

If I am being honest, this was the episode I was looking forward to the most.

See, I’m not much of a Titans fan in the grand scheme of things.  I have read some runs of various Titans comics, but the team never had that much appeal for me unless the creative team working on it was one I particularly liked.

But the Doom Patrol?  Those weirdos?  That’s a whole other story, and seeing those guys in action really did get my attention.

So, while we see Dick and Kori do investigative stuff to find Rachel after the future Raven blew up a convent and ran away, stuff that mostly involves Kori seeing how violent Dick can be, we cut to Raven meeting a green-tinted tiger in the woods.  It’s Gar Logan, a kid she met briefly in a local arcade, and he seems friendly enough.  He even offers her a place to stay after seeing her react sadly to a deer getting killed while Gar does the tiger thing to scare the hunters away.

Of course, the deer doesn’t seem to stay dead after Rachel and Gar leave…

But then it’s off to the Caulder mansion where Gar lives with a room full of vintage stuff.  He’s the one resident (aside from the mysterious Chief) who doesn’t stay on the grounds all the time.  The Chief is currently out, but Gar does try (unsuccessfully) to hide Rachel from the other residents, namely Cliff, Larry, and Rita.

I really liked these three.  Cliff’s robot body looks a bit cheesy, but the weariness of his voice and body language comes out as someone largely defeated by life.  Larry seems to be enjoying himself and is something of a chef for the group.  Rita sometimes looks more like a shapeless blob, and we see she has to eat large portions of food to maintain her metabolism.  That comes across as dinner when Cliff has an empty plate, Rita loads her up with enough food to maybe feed a family of six, and Larry looks for (and gets) compliments for all the work he did.  Heck, Rachel gets some points from the whole group, including the reluctant Cliff, when she uses her empathy to see Rita’s past and says it doesn’t matter.

And then the Chief comes home early.  He seems nice…at first.  He does explain the group’s mission, mostly his own, is to take in people hurt in very bad and bizarre accidents and heal them using medical science that most people wouldn’t touch, hence the foursome he has around the table.  Yes, that includes Gar.  And when Rachel proves useful for a sudden patient, he wants to see if he can use science to see what makes her tick.

But the Chief is not a nice man.  He straps Rachel down to the table too tight, threatens Gar, and then outright shoots him with a tranq gun to put him to sleep when he objects too hard for how Rachel is being treated.  That just makes the soul self in Rachel come out and toss the Chief around like a rag doll…and the Chief had just started walking again.  I hope he saved his wheelchair.

Fortunately, Dick and Kori showed up, and while Kori can at least convincingly threaten the Doom Patrol enough to keep them at bay, Dick can calm Rachel down and promise not to leave her again.  And that works.  He and Kori take Rachel and leave, with Gar joining the group at Cliff’s general insistence.  That kid needs to get out and see the world and not hide away like the adults in the Caulder Mansion do.

So, now we have our Titans team, and I want to see the Doom Patrol show.

I guess I am going to be covering that at some point in the future here.

2 thoughts on “Titans “Doom Patrol”

  1. I don’t have a connection to the Doom Patrol like you do. (Or really Titans for that matter.) I know I read some stuff because Erik Larsen drew it, but that’s about it. I felt like this episode added nothing to the series and solely existed to set up the Doom Patrol show. Which seemed to work for you, but felt more like Stranger Things season 2 episode 7 to me.

    1. Well, I only have a few episodes left and generally find myself enjoying the episodes spotlighting other characters more. And while I may not have a huge Doom Patrol connection (you should check out Grant Morrison’s run that helped set up the Vertigo line, it’s good and weird), I was wondering how weird DC;s weirdest heroes would be. I was not disappointed.

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