Gabbing Geek Manga Review: Deadman Wonderland Volume 3

Young Ganta Igarashi was sent to prison for a school massacre he didn’t commit.  Once there in the so-called Deadman Wonderland, his life mostly got worse, thanks in no small part to a crazed girl named Shiro.

Things mostly get worse in the third volume, but not in a way that Ganta can see.

Volume 3 of Deadman Wonderland, all things being equal, is a bit on the short side in terms of story.  Ganta, now somewhat knowledgeable in that he has a power called a “path of sin” that basically means he do stuff with his own blood.  He’s one of the “deadmen” in the prison/amusement park called Deadman Wonderland, all of whom have blood-based powers and who are routinely forced to fight each other to the amusement of anonymous rich gamblers and then the losers are mutilated, again for the amusement of rich anonymous rich gamblers.  Ganta has already won his first fight, but that came mostly from dumb luck.  Will he win another?

As it is, writer Jinsei Kataoka and artist Kazuma Kondou use this section of the story to expand the setting and some other characters.  We don’t learn much new about Ganta, but we do see some of the old history he had with the mysterious fountain of chaos Shiro.  Shiro is someone who seems to just appear as needed, and other inmates in the prison, if they know of her at all, are outright petrified of her.  There’s also some more stuff here on how the prison’s economy works, a brother-sister pair that are also locked up inside with Ganta maybe having a thing for the sister.  There’s also more on the mysterious Red Man, the individual who actually did slaughter Ganta’s entire class one day for no clear reason, sending Ganta to the prison to begin with.

I’m starting to suspect this may be the weirdest of the manga series I’ve been reading off and on since I started this Friday column.  As it is, I like what I see so far for all of its weirdness, or perhaps because of it.  9 out of 10 bird codenames.

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