Doctor Who “The War Games Part 6”

So, this episode features a character with a fairly small role by the name of Private Moor.  Moor is involved in some brainwashing, a bit of a fistfight, and he ends up shooting Monocle Man before more bad things can happen.  I probably wouldn’t even mention him except he’s played by Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton’s son.

That’s all I am going to say about that.

OK, so, good news.  Jamie and those other guys aren’t dead.  The guards only stunned them.  And the security chief wants to use the truth beam on them because he finds the War Chief very suspicious.

See, the security guy, as he confides to a scientist guy, knows the War Chief is something of a rebel against his own people, a group called…THE TIME LORDS.

Dum dum DUM!

OK, yes, I know who the Time Lords are, but I think this is the first time that name has been mentioned, and the show is being very coy right now about certain things that are obvious if you know who the Time Lords are.

And it turns out there’s good reason to be suspicious.  Checking the captured rebels reveals Jamie was never conditioned like the others, and when asked, he says the Doctor brought them in the TARDIS which just shows up wherever it happens to be.  The security chief doesn’t quite believe that, thinking the Time Lords sent the Doctor, or the Doctor is just as shifty as the War Chief.  And the security guy can tell some lies afterwards when the War Chief wants to know why Jamie was specially questioned.  Sure, the security guy does mention the whole “another time machine” thing, and that just makes the War Chief even more suspicious.

But the Doctor is still loose in Central Control with Zoe and Carstairs, and they do manage to find Jamie and the other rebels, using the sonic screwdriver to remove a wall panel, slip in, jump the scientist AGAIN, and then slip back out with Jamie and the others.  The Doctor really wants the brainwasher, and he opts to go back for it after sending Zoe and most of the rebels back.

Why Zoe?  Because she has that photographic memory and the security guy, during the interrogation, did show her photographs of all the known rebels.  Zoe is uniquely positioned to organize all the rebel groups into one army across the time zones.

And so, the Doctor, Carstairs, and Jamie go back for the brain gizmo, run afoul of some guards, narrowly avoid the War Chief who seems to somehow know every trick of the Doctor’s, and they do manage to get into the time machine to zap themselves out of Central Control.

But something isn’t right.  The Doctor and his friends don’t get into the 1917 zone as planned.  And while they are locked inside a different room where the guards can’t get to them, they may not be completely safe.

See, the War Chief also knows how to use the time machine since he was the one who brought it with him.  And even if he can’t get into the Doctor, Jamie, and Carstairs, he can manipulate other controls and slowly shrink the room….


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