Doctor Who “The War Games Part 5”

Oh no!  Zoe might get shot!

She doesn’t get shot.  Someone else we know does, but she’ll be OK.

See, just as the brainwashed Carstairs is about to shoot her, that scientist shows up and stops him, claiming the head of security wants to interview her and sends Carstairs down to be brainwashed some more.

That would be how the Doctor finds Carstairs.  He finds the scientist and manages to bluff his way back into the man’s good graces.  Why did the Doctor run out of the lecture?  He was trying to catch the girl Carstairs identified as a rebel.  That sounds plausible.  Now, since Carstairs’ conditioning seemed a little off, they need to reset him by first removing the new conditioning and then reapplying it.  That scientist asks the Doctor to secure Carstairs’ restraints which…well, of course the Doctor doesn’t.  As such, Carstairs wakes up see the Doctor, telling the scientist the Doctor tricked him, but since Carstairs isn’t tied up, he can get loose and both he and the Doctor can put the scientist in the brainwashing machine, turn it on, and leave him there until someone finds him later.  And the Doctor knows where Zoe went.

Where did Zoe go?  The head of security is interrogating her with something called the “truth machine,” and that thing looks like a stretched out VR headset that shines a light on Zoe and forces her to tell the truth about where she came from.  Of course, the security head doesn’t believe she’s from the 21st century, doesn’t know what a TARDIS is, and the pictures he has of known rebels aren’t anyone Zoe recognizes.  But the War Chief, he has some ideas.  Leaving Zoe under armed guard, the War Chief and the security head go out to take care of other matters.

Now, there is some talk of a War Lord that the War Chief theoretically answers to, but the thing is, the War Chief is an alien to the rest of the guys in the shiny leather outfits and such running around Central Control, but the War Chief is a traitor to his own people, and his people are the only ones they know of with access to time travel technolog…wait a minute…

Something big there, maybe.

I’ll worry about it later.

Point of fact, Carstairs and the Doctor rescue Zoe, and now they have to find Jamie.

Jamie is with the rebels and Lady Jennifer.  The rebels are soldiers from multiple eras and managed to capture the guy with the hypnotic monocle.  And while the rebels literally fight over executing the monocle man, he tries to call for help.  Jamie catches him, and he keeps trying to explain about the time travel cabinet thing that none of the rebels seem to understand.

Until it shows up, two guards come out, and shoot and kill one of the rebels.  It’s the same rebel that found Jamie and Jennifer in the previous episode, and of course they killed the black man first.

Of course, with the door there and three prisoners, the head rebel, Jamie, and some other guys can go check out Central Control.

Except Central Control knows they are coming, and while Carstairs, Zoe, and the Doctor look on in horror, guards shoot all of the men coming out of the time door, including Jamie, and presumably kill them all.

I told you someone we know was getting shot.


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