Spoiler Stuff: Serenity

So, yeah, this movie…

I was seriously not going to do a Spoiler Space for Serenity.  Normally I do something like this if there’s some plot point I want to elaborate on, but there’s nothing about Serenity I really wanted to say anything about at first.

But this movie…

I watched a few online reviews on YouTube for this one after I saw it because the twist that comes around the halfway point is so…out there…that I wanted to see how other people were taking it.  And even the people who liked the movie seemed just dumbfounded by the plot twist.  Basically, if you like the plot twist, you’ll probably like the movie, even in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way.  It’s a really weird twist, and nothing about the trailers or what little advertising I saw for the movie come close to giving it away.

So, here goes.

No turning back.

Once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it.

You’ve been warned.

Matthew McCongaughey is a character in an open world video game.

The only “real” scenes are cuts to his “son” in the real world coding the game while listening to his mother and stepfather violently argue in the next room.

So much of the plot before this revelation is weird.  Characters seem to just know everything.  The island where the action takes place doesn’t seem to quite match up to any island in the real world.  Some guy in a suit keeps showing up, one who seems to know even more than most people.  And that’s not getting into McConaughey’s “shower” scene.  And the camera that twirls around both Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke when they each show up in the movie, to say nothing of how cartoonishly evil Jason Clarke’s character is.

Now, the movie plays like a noir potboiler, and movies like that often suggest a plot twist is coming but…not like this one.

And it mostly doesn’t work.

This movie plays everything so freakin’ straight.  No matter how goofy or weird the movie gets, it never plays it for laughs.  Such a move could have made for a better movie.  Sure, the whole “it’s all a video game” thing explains all the weirdness from the first half, but the tone just doesn’t fit and makes for an extremely weird movie.

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